Ten Linux Downloads Worth Considering

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Have you just started to experiment with Linux? Are you looking for more than the basic applications? Here we'll quickly review 10 Linux apps you might want in addition to those preinstalled with Ubuntu or other Linux distribution (distro). Now lets get started!

1) KompoZer for webpage editing

If you do any website authoring or work with HTML, you need a web page editor. Though you'll probably have OpenOffice.org installed, which supports basic HTML editing, you should have a tool specifically for web authoring. One choice is the open source KompoZer application, available for GNU/Linux, plus Windows and Mac OS X.

Like Microsoft's FrontPage and Expression Web and Adobe's Dream Weaver, KompoZer is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor. This means you can visually edit the web pages in addition to being able to edit the raw HTML code. Other key features include integrated FTP uploading, tabbed editing, and CSS support.

2) WINE for running Windows apps inside Linux

WINE is not just any application. Its more like an emulator or program loader, capable of running Windows applications in Linux, BSD, Solaris and Mac OS X. Its there so you can't make any excuses to why you can't move to Linux. You can run any must-have Windows-based programs, right inside your favorite distro. Though not every program works with WINE, millions of people use it.

3) andLinux, an opposite of WINE

Want the cost-savings and freedom of Linux inside the familiar Microsoft OS? Well with andLinux, you can seamlessly run Linux right in Windows. You get the best of both world's!

After the installation, you'll find several apps already installed and available from the system tray icon. You can use apt-get or Synaptic to install any others. You can run the Linux and Windows applications simultaneously. You can even copy, cut, and paste between them.

andLinux also includes shell extensions for Windows Explorer. For example, Linux apps will appear in the Open With selections. File type associations can also be assigned to Linux apps. There's even support for Windows scripts.

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