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Posted February 21, 2011

Matt Hartley

Matt Hartley

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16) There aren't any good video editing applications for Linux.

From the highly advanced to the utterly simple, there are plenty of fantastic video editing applications available for the Linux desktop. For casual usage consider OpenShot or Kdenlive video editors. Advanced users needing that extra layer of function should look into Blender or CinelerraCV. Between these four options, there is next to nothing that can't be done with a camcorder and a lot of imagination.

17) Linux represents a specific political viewpoint.

Much like common financial currency or weapons, the use of Linux on the desktop is up to the end user. Even though Cuba and other similar-minded governments are embracing the platform, so are very different American entities like the NYSE, Google, IBM and the U.S. Navy.

The platform itself stands for freedom. How someone chooses to use this freedom is up to them. Using Linux doesn't automatically brand anyone a Communist.

18) Linux has no malware.

One of my favorite misconceptions is the belief that Linux is completely free of malware. Not only is this nonsense, but it's dangerous to believe as Linux adoption continues to grow.

While it's true that malware for Linux is nothing compared to the Windows platform, you put yourself in danger every time you install software without installing it from a trusted source. This is true of all platforms, not just Windows. Less of a threat doesn't mean that the threat is non-existent.

19) No one offers Linux tech support.

If you think only in terms of your town or neighborhood, there's truth to the belief that you'll be without Linux tech support. Thankfully there are companies and individuals out there on the Web willing to provide paid support, for the right price.

The biggest obstacle here is finding a way to get more localized support made available to smaller communities. For those living in rural locales, finding tech support on the Web can be the only way to get help with Linux conundrums as they arise.

20) Only poor people and "cheapskates" use Linux on their desktop.

There’s no question in my mind that the cost of $0 is a big factor for many people in choosing Linux on the desktop. Yet due to the flexibility of Linux, often it's not just "the poor or the cheap" making the desktop transition. Sometimes it's also those who'd rather spend their money elsewhere!

In other instances, desktop Linux users simply prefer the experience to that of Windows or OS X. People such as myself, for instance.

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