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Posted December 21, 2009

Cynthia Harvey

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351. FireHOL

FireHOL isn't an actual firewall as much as a firewall configurator. It aims to make understanding and configuring firewalls easy, even for those with limited knowledge on the subject. Operating System: Linux.

352. Firestarter

Unlike most of the open-source firewalls, Firestarter can protect a single PC as well as a network. Best of all, you can probably install it and be up and running in just a couple of minutes. Operating System: Linux.

353. IPCop

IPCop is a complete Linux distribution designed to be used as a standalone firewall and boasts a very user-friendly interface. To use it, you'll need an old PC to connect to your network. Operating System: Linux.

354. LEAF

The "Linux Embedded Appliance Framework" (aka LEAF) can be used as an Internet gateway, router, firewall, or wireless access point. This app requires a little more know-how than some of the other choices in the category, but is still a good option. Operating System: Linux.

355. ShellTer

Notable for its SSH protection, ShellTer is an iptables-based firewall that supports port forwarding, blacklisting, whitelisting, and more. It's easy to configure, easy to install, and easy to customize. Operating System: Linux.

356. Shorewall

Shorewall (aka "Shoreline Firewall") makes it easy to configure Netfilter so that it can be used as a firewall on a standalone system or as part of a gateway appliance on a network. Once installed, it can also be used to monitor Netfilter actions. Operating System: Linux.

357. Smoothwall

This commercial version is based on "the world's favorite" open-source firewall, Smoothwall Express (see below). In addition to the firewall software, Smoothwall also offers gateway appliances and web security/content filtering, email security/anti-spam, and bandwidth management (QoS) software. Operating System: Linux, Unix.

358. SmoothWall Express Because it's designed to be used by people with no knowledge of Linux, SmoothWall Express is an excellent option if you aren't a technical whiz, but want to tackle setting up your own network. Operating System: Linux.

359. Turtle Firewall

Turtle Firewall is fast and easy-to-use—if you know what you're doing. You define and select which zones, hosts, networks, and services you want to enable, which gives you a lot of control but requires a good understanding of network security. Operating System: Linux.

360. Vyatta

Vyatta sells open source networking hardware and software commerically atwww.vyatta.com, and they also maintain the free, community version. With the community version, you can turn a PC into a network appliance that offers routing, firewalling, VPN, intrusion prevention, and WAN load balancing services. Operating System: Linux.

Open Source Network Scanning

361. AFICK

Short for "Another File Integrity Checker," AFICK monitors changes to your file systems in order to alert you to possible intrusion. If you're familiar with Tripwire (see below), AFICK will look and feel very familiar. Operating System: Windows, Linux, Unix.

362. AIM Sniff

Want to find out how much time employees are wasting with instant messaging? AIM monitors and archives AOL and MSN instant messages across your network. Operating System: Linux, FreeBSD, OS X.

363. Angry IP Scanner

This very fast IP address and port scanner pings IP addresses and provides a variety of optional data about each address. Numerous plug-ins are available to extend its capabilities, and if you can write Java code, it's easy to write extensions of your own to find exactly the information you need to monitor and manage your network. Operating System: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X.

364. Kismet Kismet is a combination wireless network detector, packet sniffer, and IDS. Often used to detect unprotected or hidden networks, it's a valuable tool for checking the security of your wireless network, as well as monitoring network activity. Operating System: Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, BSD.

365. Nagios

Nagios offers enterprise-class, comprehensive monitoring for IT infrastructure. The Nagios Enterprises group offers commercial support and consulting. Operating System: Linux, Unix.

366. NSAT

Network Security Analysis Tool, or NSAT, scans your network for a host of security vulnerabilities. It's easy to configure NSAT to do just what you want, providing maximum flexibility. Operating System: Linux, Unix, FreeBSD, OS X.

367. Pandora FMS

This Pandora is not the music service—it's a free monitoring system (FMS) for large IT networks. You can configure it to detect and notify you of nearly any event: network hardware outages, Website defacement, even a sudden drop in the stock market. Operating System:

368. SEC

Short for "Simple Event Correlator," SEC applies rules to application data to determine if particular events have occurred and to take pre-determined actions as a result. It's particularly helpful for network management, system monitoring, data security, intrusion detection, and log file monitoring and analysis. Operating System: OS Independent.

369. SniffDet

The SniffDet remote sniffer detection tool and library monitors your network and alerts you to any machines running in promiscuous mode or with a sniffer. It includes the ICMP test, ARP test; DNS test; LATENCY test, and more. Operating System: Linux.

370. TcpDump

This older packet sniffer uses fewer resources than the newer, prettier apps. Note that if you use Windows, you'll need a separate download known as WinDump. Operating System: Mac, Linux, Unix, BSD.

371. Open Source Tripwire

Tripwire audit and control software lets you know when changes have been made to your IT configuration. Note that the versions available at Tripwire.com are not open source, but if you click the link above it will take you to the older open source version at Sourceforge. Operating System: Linux, Unix

372. Winfingerprint

This Windows-only network monitoring tool provides information on OS, users, groups, shares, SIDs, transports, sessions, services, service pack and hotfix level, date and time, disks, and open ports. Also available in a commercial version. Operating System: Windows.

373. Wireshark

"The de facto standard" network protocol analyzer, Wireshark offers deep inspection of hundreds of protocols, live capture for offiline analysis, VOIP analysis, and much more. Support and training are both available through Cace Technologies. Operating System: Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, BSD, Solaris.

Open Source Office Productivity

374. AbiWord

For word processing only, AbiWord is an extremely lightweight Word-compatible app that offers many of the features people use most often, including mail merge. It's fast and doesn't require a lot of system resources, but it doesn't have as many advanced features as other word processors. Operating System: Windows, Linux, Mac, BSD, Solaris.

375. Gnumeric

While it is compatible with Excel file formats, Gnumeric isn't meant to be a clone of any other spreadsheet application; instead, its creators are aiming to make the best spreadsheet available. It offers a lot of advanced features—including some graphing capabilities that many users find superior to Excel. Operating System: Windows, Linux.

376. LyX

LyX lets you format your document based on its structure. You mark text as a title, subtitle, etc., and then worry about the formatting later. It makes it easier to ensure continuity throughout long documents and deal with some of the difficulty of creating a document on a netbook or other device with a very small screen. Operating System: Linux, Unix, Windows, OS X

377. MultiMedia Office

This package from Plata Software combines some of the most popular open source software into a single package. It includes OpenOffice.org, Audacity, GIMP, VirtualDub, Thunderbird, and Opera. Note that the site is being remodeled, but you can still download the software. Operating System: Windows

378. OpenOffice.org

Recently downloaded the 100,000,000th time, OpenOffice.org includes a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation creator, and database that are all fully compatible with their Microsoft counterparts. In addition, this suite also includes a drawing tool and a mathematical equation creator. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, and others.

379. StarOffice

StarOffice is the same as OpenOffice but with paid support from Sun. If you think you'll need help desk support on a regular basis but don't want to pay the high prices for Microsoft Office, StarOffice might be for you. Prices start at $34.95. Operating System: Windows, Linux, Mac, Solaris.

Open Source Online education/eLearning

380. BOSS Online Submission System

Developed by the University of Warwick, the BOSS Online Submission System isn't a complete eLearning solution, but does allow students to submit assignments online securely. Teachers can then run tests on submissions and grade assignments online. Operating System: Windows, Linux, Unix, OS X.

381. Claroline

Claroline makes it easy to set up an online class or organize student activities on the Web. With it, teachers can write a course description, publish multimedia documents for students to view, prepare online exercises, administer a wiki and a forum, assign homework, send announcements, track student usage, and more. Operating System: Windows, Linux, Unix, OS X.

382. CoFFEE

Short for "Collaborative Face-to-Face Educational Environment," CoFFEE aims to help groups of students work together on problem-solving activities. It includes a set of tools for collaboration, shared work, individual work, and communication that can be managed and monitored by the instructor. Operating System: OS Independent.

383. eFront

eFront lets you author online content, create tests, communicate with the class, assign homework, and track progress, and it also includes a survey feature and the ability to create your own certifications. In addition to the free community edition, eFront is also available in fee-based editions that are customized for educational institutions or enterprises. Operating System: Windows, Linux.

384. ILIAS

Widely used internationally, you can attend ILIAS conferences and user meetings around the world in order to learn more about this learning management system. Like the others in the category, it includes features like course management, online exercises, surveys, chat, forums, etc. It also boasts compliance with relevant standards and strong authentication protocols. Operating System: Windows, Linux.

385. LogiCampus Educational Platform

Built by a college in Texas, LogiCampus gives educational institutions a free way to manage distance learning and on-campus classes. It gives educators the tools they need to set up an online class and stay in touch with students, and it simplifies tasks like exam scheduling, ordering textbooks, and making course changes. Operating System: Windows

386. Moodle

One of the most popular open source class management systems, Moodle boasts more than 30 million users. Key features include assignments, blogs, chats, forums, polls, surveys, quizzes, wikis, and more. The site includes a great deal of help for teachers and administrators new to online education. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

Open Source OpenCourseWare

387. eduCommons

A number of universities around the world aren't just utilizing open-source software, they're "open-sourcing" the content of their courses by making it freely available online. EduCommons is a content management system designed for these OpenCourseWare projects. (More information about the movement is available from the OCW Consortium.) Operating System: OS Independent.

Open Source Operating Systems and Kernel Modifications

388. andLinux If you want to try out some Linux applications, but you aren’t quite ready to give up Windows, andLinux is for you. It lets you run Ubuntu Linux from any Windows 2000 or later system. Note that you’ll need plenty of memory and free disk space in order to make it work.

389. CrunchEee

CrunchEee is a scaled-down version of Crunch Bang Linux with a desktop theme sized for the small screen and applications geared toward Internet use.

390. Custom Linux Kernel for Ubuntu

This is another version of Ubuntu customized for netbooks. Compared to standard Ubuntu, this kernel offers better support for Eee sound cards, web cams, and other devices, plus some Eee-specific optimization.

391. Easy Peasy

Just when you thought there were enough versions of Ubuntu for the Eee, here's one more. Formerly known as Ubuntu Eee, Easy Peasy includes an operating system and other software ideal for netbooks.

392. Red Hat

While it's definitely targeted towards large enterprises, Red Hat Enterprise Linux is also a good option for larger small businesses, particularly those interested in installing Linux for servers. It's the most popular commercial distribution, so you can be sure it's tried and tested. Prices start at $349, but a free, non-supported similar version is available from Fedora.

393. SUSE

Like Red Hat, SUSE Linux Enterprise and Open Enterprise Server from Novell are aimed at larger businesses but can be used by smaller businesses as well. Prices are also similar to Red Hat, and a free, non-supported similar version is available from openSUSE.

394. Ubuntu

Switching from Windows or Mac to Linux on the desktop can be a little intimidating, but Ubuntu Linux is probably the most pain-free way to make the switch. The graphical interface looks a lot like Windows and is very easy to learn. Plus, Ubuntu comes with much of the best in open-source software that you would need for a small or home office installed by default. It's completely free, but commercial support is available.

Open Source Password Management

395. Figaro's Password Manager

This GNOME application encrypts passwords with the blowfish algorithm and stores them securely. FPM also includes a password generator to help you create hard-to-crack passwords. Operating System: Linux.

396. KeePass

KeePass protects your password database with encryption so strong that, according to its makers, "even if you would use all computers in the world to attack one database, decrypting it would take longer than the age of the universe." With KeePass you can also create a "key" on a CD, DVD, or thumb drive that you can use instead of or in addition to your master password for unlocking your passwords. Operating System: Windows.

397. KeePass SD

Use a Windows-based mobile device? This is the version of KeePass for you. Operating System: Windows.

398. KeePassX

The original KeePass works only on Windows, but this version works for Mac and Linux users as well. Operating System: Linux, OS X.

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