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26. Stellarium

Another tool for astronomy buffs, Stellarium accurately depicts the night skies from any point on earth. In fact, it’s so accurate that it’s even used by several planetariums.

27. Klavaro

Like many other typing tutorials, Klavaro takes you through a series of exercises designed to improve your speed and accuracy as a typist. The key features that set this app apart from others are multi-language support and the ability to use several different keyboard layouts or even create your own.

28. Tux Paint

Designed for kids 12 and under, Tux Paint is an award-winning drawing program that features an easy-to-understand interface, silly sound effects, and hundreds of pre-loaded images and “rubber stamps.” And Tux the Linux penguin provides help as needed.

29. StarDict

StarDict makes it easy to access multiple dictionaries and translation services. You can choose to download one or more of the free dictionaries to your hard drive or access the dictionaries online.

E-mail Clients

30. Thunderbird

The latest incarnation of this popular e-mail client lets you tag messages (“To Do,” “Done,” “Later,” Etc.) and includes improved search capabilities. You can even save your searches so you don’t have to retype if you find yourself searching for the same e-mail message over and over.

31. Columba

This Java-based e-mail client features an interface that should be very easy to use for anyone familiar with Outlook or Outlook Express. It includes a calendar and internationalization features.

File Transfer

32. FileZilla

Need to send or receive large files that won’t go through as e-mail attachments? FileZilla server makes it easy to set up your own FTP, FTPS, or SFTP server, and FileZilla client lets you download files from someone else’s site.

33. WinSCP

More than 28 million people have downloaded WinSCP, and it’s won a whole host of awards. In addition to providing a free FTP, SFTP, and SCP client for Windows, WinSCP also offers some basic file management capabilities.

Financial Management

34. Buddi

Billing itself as “personal budget software for the rest of us,” Buddi is a basic budgeting program without all the bells and whistles you find in Quicken or MS Money. Because it’s aimed it people with little financial background, it’s extremely simple. But a set of plugins lets you expand Buddi’s capabilities, including more elaborate reports, customizing the look and feel, and importing and exporting to other file formats.

35. Grisbi

Grisbi is also a fairly simple personal finance package. It includes a few more advanced features, including multiple currency management, multiple user management, fiscal year tracking, and more.

36. JStock

JStock makes it easy to track your investments in 23 different stock markets around the world. It updates stock prices every 10 seconds and alerts you when a stock meets your buying or selling criteria.

37. Turbo CASH

Aimed at the small business/home business segment, Turbo CASH is an alternative to accounting packages like QuickBooks. Features include invoicing, stock control, and multi-company capabilities.


38. PokerTH

The latest version of this open-source Texas Hold ‘Em app lets you play against as many as 10 live or computer-generated players. It also now offers a more customizable interface with new card and table styles.

39. Battle for Wesnoth

Just can’t get enough elves and necromancers? Then you’ll probably like Battle for Wesnoth, a turn-based strategy game that lets you choose to play a campaign scenario or challenge friends in multiplayer mode. It supports multiple languages, and recently released version 1.6.2 offers better graphics than previous versions.

40. Enigma

Enigma is a tremendously addictive puzzle game where you try to find matching pairs of “oxyd” stones. With 1,000 levels, it will keep you entertained for a long, long, long time.

41. Nexuiz

Nexuiz is an intense first-person shooter that you can play alone or online in a multi-player deathmatch. The site has a video and plenty of screenshots so you can get a feel for the action before you decide if you’d like to download it.

42. FreeCol

If you enjoy the game Civilization, you might want to check out FreeCol. In this turn-based strategy game that loosely mirrors the history of America, you begin with a few colonists adrift at sea and try to find new land and develop and independent nation.

43. Ultrastar Deluxe

Think you belong on American Idol? Find out with Ultrastar Deluxe. You and up to six friends sing along karaoke-style as the music plays and you score points based on your pitch and rhythm. Note that you will need at least one microphone to play.

44. SuperTuxKart

As you might expect, this 3D racing game features Tux, the Linux penguin. While the graphics aren’t nearly as impressive as what you’d find on a commercial racing game, SuperTuxKart still manages to be fun and is very easy to play.

45. Zombies

The objective on this turn-based game is simple: Kill the zombies before they kill you. Choose the level of blood and guts involved with the gore settings.

Graphics/Photo Editors

46. Gimp

Similar to Photoshop, Gimp allows users to edit photos and other images. Features include layers, gradients, photo enhancement, color manipulation, digital retouching, and much more.

47. Inkscape

Inkscape lets you create vector drawings, like you would with commercial programs such as Illustrator and CorelDraw.You can use it to design your own logo, create diagrams, draw maps, and much more. The latest release no longer supports Windows 98, but it does work with newer versions of Windows.

48. Blender

Want to create your own 3D animated movie? Blender lets you build models, render, and animate them just like the pros.

49. Dia

Designed as an open-source alternative to Visio, Dia lets you create flowcharts and other diagrams using pre-defined shapes or ones that you draw yourself. When finished, you can export your creations to a number of file formats including eps, png, wmf, and others.

Instant Messaging

50. Pidgin

Used by millions, Pidgin lets you communicate with friends on 16 different IM networks, including AIM, GoogleTalk, MSN, Yahoo, and many others. It’s won numerous awards, and it supports dozens of languages.

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