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How Launchy is most likely to change the world?

Launchy gives its users another way of looking at user interaction with their computer. Rather than being limited to previous desktop tools, Launchy provides a means of taking simple keyboard commands and shortening them so that complete navigation and application execution can be done from one single interface. Launchy allows you to be more productive overall.

Linux – Describing why Linux was in this list of "change the world" candidates was difficult for me. Because Linux is in fact a kernel, rather than an OS itself, defining this properly has proven to be problematic. In the case of this contest however, use of Linux as an operating system has exploded among previously frustrated Windows users looking for a more cost effective alternative.

Thanks to the many different efforts by developers and idealists alike, today's Linux kernel allows vendors of the various Linux distributions to promote a modern, well-supported operating system that is available free of cost.

How Linux is most likely to change the world?

Linux as we know it today is about a choice outside of Windows and OS X. Control over one's operating system is something that Linux users enjoy, even to the degree of creating their own variations, presenting their own ideas in a new release to be shared with others.

Linux gives users with the ability to use their computer as they always have, but to do so without having to restrict themselves to the rule set forth by Microsoft or Apple. By giving users the option to change or add to their existing operating system configuration, Linux allows users the level of control that others on other platforms can only dream of.

Magento – With eCommerce continuing to grow by leaps and bounds, an eCommerce solution that is cost effective and provides plenty of third party features is going to become a huge success.

Magento is one of the better storefront applications. And due to is open source nature, users are free to utilize just about any payment extension you could possibly want, making Magento a natural fit for any growing online store.

How Magento is most likely to change the world?

Despite the belief that eCommerce options only affect a select few, the reality is that Magento gives low budget online entrepreneurs access to online storefront software with significant functionality.

Thanks to the fact that price is not a consideration, Magento ensures that competition is available, due to the quality of the products being sold rather than the cost of maintaining the online storefront.

Open Office – Thanks to Open Office, students, small businesses and others are no longer bound to spending insane amounts of cash just to get basic office suite functionality. Open Office provides 99 percent of the existing MS Office users out there with everything they could possibly need. And anything deemed to be missing is often covered by Open Office extensions provided on the OO Web site.

How Open Office is most likely to change the world?

Whether it is used in school, the boardroom or at home, an accessible office suite makes all the difference. For years Microsoft has had the corner on the market with their own office suite, and while it enabled needed functionality, its cost was so prohibitive that many users were stuck with dated versions of the software or used piracy to obtain it.

Open Office has changed this for many users who are able to look past the lack of gloss and fluff at a software suite that is allowing all individuals to be as productive as those who are able to afford the Microsoft version.

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