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• Remember these two brands – ATI and Broadcom. Both can work, but often these two brands will create more problems than they’re worth. Whenever possible, leave them both in the Windows world. Better yet, just avoid them altogether.

• Buy preinstalled. If users are confident that they are ready to make the switch, then have the level of commitment to actually invest in your choice – buy a notebook PC with your preferred distribution preinstalled. Distributions worth their weight will provide you with a list of qualified Linux preinstall vendors on their corresponding Web sites.

Considering the Linux market share as XP users move on.

Should new Linux users migrating away from XP utilize most of what I have suggested above, Microsoft may eventually begin to see the migration needle move at a pace that gets their attention. Despite what we might like to believe, the desktop Linux market share remains small.

Even considering the amazing inaccuracy of Linux usage estimates, as they are clearly unable to count each user on the Linux desktop out there, the fact remains that the overall share on the desktop is barely even noticeable in the mainstream world today. So does this mean that desktop Linux is not a threat to Microsoft? Not at all, just not in the way we might like to think it is.

Modern Linux distributions are a threat as they have opened up the eyes of the masses in seeing that you do not have to buy Apple or Microsoft to run a computer. And as adoption continues to trickle down slowly through installation-festivals, Linux-Festivals and even by your kids as they opt to run a LiveCD of a distro that was given to them at school – eyes are being opened up to a whole new way of looking at desktop computing.

Each of these individuals are touched in some fashion that often gets them thinking. They slowly begin to realize that there is a revolution going on in the software industry and yet most people have never even heard about. And some of these individuals may very well decide that this is something they will wish to pursue.

Adopting Linux means using it on your terms while also understanding that there will be compromises to be made along the way. These compromises are small, however, when you consider the overall savings on licensing costs, freedom from having to purchase new PC hardware with every operating system release, and freedom from proprietary software hassles that come up with older file formats no longer being supported.

With Windows XP dipping down into the sunset, a new option is slowly making its way into the hands of those willing to commit to it. Desktop Linux, provided in a variety of different distributions, is just waiting to be discovered.

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