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Posted December 23, 2007

Cynthia Harvey

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Desktop Enhancements

1. Stickies
As you might guess, Stickies lets you create virtual post-it notes and place them on your desktop. Support for the app is nearly non-existent, but it’s so intuitive you won’t miss it.

2. Ditto
Ever wish you could save the items you cut or copy to the clipboard? Ditto does just that. It extends the capabilities of the standard Windows clipboard, letting you search and paste previously copied data.

3. Login Desktop Gadget
Tired of staring at the same-old blue or blue-green Windows login screen? The Login Desktop Gadget lets you put something useful in its place, like weather info, stock tickers, etc. It also lets users run some applications without logging on.

4. Dave’s Quick Search Deskbar
With this handy deskbar, you can run a Google or Yahoo search without first opening up a browser window. Plus, it includes a number of shortcuts (for example, include the # sign after a name to locate a telephone number) that make searching even faster.

5. topBlock
Love Lego building blocks? The topBlock screensaver builds a tower of Legos or wireframe blocks whenever your computer is inactive.

6. Karsten SlideShow
If you like the “My Pictures Slideshow” screensaver in Windows but aren’t sure you want ALL your pictures to be used, Karsten SlideShow lets you control which photos or video clips are used in your screensaver. You can also create a slide show to be used as your desktop wallpaper.

Enterprise Management

7. PostBooks
This accounting, ERP, and CRM software for medium-sized businesses is now available commercially as OpenMFG, but you can still get the free PostBooks version, with or without commercial support. Both versions both multi-currency support, advanced reporting capabilities, multi-layer security, and integration with wireless barcode scanners for inventory control.

8. CentraView
CentraView includes contact management, salesforce automation, customer relationship management (CRM), document management, group calendaring, and more into one package. It’s Java-based and can be accessed from any standard browser.

9. H-Inventory
H-inventory helps IT managers track hardware inventory and helpdesk incidents. It’s less than a year old and still has a way to go, but it already includes a number of useful features.

E-mail Clients

1. Thunderbird
Mozilla’s Thunderbird is a completely customizable e-mail client. It also makes it easy to organize your messages and boasts some of the toughest security and privacy protection available.

2. Magic Mail Monitor
Magic Mail Monitor makes it easy to check multiple POP3 and Web-based accounts from a single interface. Anti-spam features include configurable filters, friends list, and partial message loading.

File Transfer Apps

3. FileZilla
This FTP, FTPS, and SFTP client features an Explorer-like interface that should be familiar to most Windows users. It’s not pretty, but it’s very functional and fast.

4. WinSCP
WinSCP provides FTP and SFTP transfer capabilities, as well as some basic file management abilities. It offers an easy-to-use GUI, translations into several different languages, and SSH-1 and SSH-2 support.

Financial Manager

5. Money Manager Ex
Money Manager offers many of the most popular features from software like Quicken or Microsoft Money, but simplifies them. Use it to track your bank and investment accounts, set up and track a budget, remind you when bills are due, and more.

6. TurboCASH
Aimed at the small/home office market, TurboCASH is a free, basic accounting package that boasts 50,000 registered users. As a bonus, the Web site offers extensive free help, wikis, and community forums.

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