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5) The Web-based Advertising model

Not to be confused with Yahoo Instant messenger or AIM type applications, I am referring to developing a web-based framework that allows for duplication of efforts such as Plentyoffish.com type content websites. Not dating content only, rather community created content with complete and total flexibility that is much simpler than most CMS platforms seen today. Think more drag and drop using Ajax. Allow for cut and paste API compatibility and you could really have something here.

The value to the developer is that they provide ongoing hosting for this type of framework, which happens to include “first call” on any non-security related patches that provide improved functionality. For the company needing more of a custom solution, the pricing is left to the imagination of the marketplace and the developer.

Imagine developing a framework where, as easily as one creates a WordPress blog, the end user can create the next Craigslist, Plentyoffish.com or even Digg.com?

The obvious flaw that closed source types immediately point to is the likelihood of duplicated efforts. Unfortunately for them, this has been proven time and time again to not be an issue with any open source project, as the success of such an endeavor comes from the buzz of its originality. Digg.com clones, anyone?

These Digg clones provide a fantastic example of just how ill-accepted attempts like this really are. That said, perhaps a Digg-styled site that allowed the community to review cars and trucks might be of value? Again, offer something different, the buzz will follow. So where does the revenue come from? Check this out – the AdSense Sharing Revenue and Earnings System, but redesigned for a new kind of framework. Other managed affiliate programs would work as well, but in the end – both involved parties would be making a fortune.

In the end, the developers would be offering the code freely, providing optional hosting and support, in addition to redefining the way we look at social media website creation. If you are a web developer, then you might even argue that I have just handed you the car keys to one of the best money making concepts out there. But to be fair, perhaps this already exists someplace? If so, I certainly have never heard of it.

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