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7) HomeBank

When compared to the likes of Moneydance, HomeBank feels like a trip back in time. This buggy, overly basic software will drive away anyone trying to do book keeping on the Linux desktop. The UI is tired, dated and in dire need of a refresh.

Worse, connecting to US banking institutions with HomeBank isn't happening. While I hate to admit it, web-based alternatives are dancing circles around this software by comparison. If you're trying to maintain a grocery budget, then HomeBank might be an option. But if having an application that "sort of" works managing your finances isn't for you, avoid this software.

8) Epiphany

As web browsers go, Epiphany wouldn't be so bad with the exception of one critical thing: Flash compatibility.

While some users out there are living in a magical world where Flash is a non-issue, the rest of us still rely on it every day. Bundle that issue with the weird menu layout and anyone using this browser for the first time is sure to find themselves led into a world of frustration.

9) Gnome Nanny

Quite honestly, one of Ubuntu's biggest shortcomings has to be its lack of proper parental controls. While some people have pointed out that this is a non-issue, I disagree.

Not everyone is going to have the know-how to setup DansGuardian or run an otherwise unknown setup wizard for site blocking on a router. No, instead Ubuntu users have the "left for dead" software known as Gnome Nanny. Back when the functionality was still working, one could upload a set of pre-configured rules to keep kids off dangerous websites. Even time limits and other aspects of parental controls were possible.

While the user interface was a bit rough, the software was badly needed. But like many software projects still listed in the Software Center, this, too, is dead. That's right, even grabbing the latest PPA release with some rough patching, still didn't work correctly. Oh, it blocks stuff. However, if you try to uninstall it, you're blocked from all web access. Yes, even when it's completely disabled, you're left without a way to discard the software safely. How's that for a neat feature?

10) Gromit

Designed to make annotations using a graphics tablet, the final app that fails out of the box under Ubuntu 12.04 is Gromit. Another non-starter application, it would have been useful if the developers had added a little drawing tablet interactivity with screen drawing. This would have been a nice feature for those giving presentations. Additionally, Gromit leaves us in the dust by failing to work under Ubuntu 12.04.

By the way, did I mention this and all of the software titles above, are included in the Software Center?

A Quality Assurance Help Wanted

I want to remind everyone that I'm not here to rip on Linux, Ubuntu or the other software I have given praise to in the past. Most software I've used on the Linux desktop is as good or superior, to its closed source comparable.

That said, buggy or poorly maintained software left floating about inside the software repositories isn't doing anyone any favors. For full-time Linux enthusiasts, it's a pain as it means wasted time. And for newbies, it's a huge disappointment as it reflects poorly on the distribution the bug was experienced with.

Obviously, software is going to have its issues. But non-starting software needs to be pruned via a community effort and if possible, disclaimers added to software like Epiphany that stuff like Flash isn't happening without significant frustration.

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