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Nearly 1,000 noteworthy open source downloads, including games, text editors, security apps, document management, SEO, desktop tools and much, much more.


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Posted December 19, 2011

Cynthia Harvey

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Open Source Apps: Data Destruction

205. BleachBit

BleachBit protects your privacy in several ways: it cleans your cache, erases your Internet history, deletes cookies and gets rid of logs, temporary files and other junk you didn't even know your system was storing. It also includes a "shredder" to eliminate completely all traces of files you want to delete. Operating System: Windows, Linux

206. Darik's Boot And Nuke

If you're getting rid of an old PC or you have other reasons for wanting to destroy all the data on a hard drive, DBAN is for you. It securely deletes all information from all drives it can detect on your system so that those files cannot be recovered. Operating System: OS Independent

207. Disk Cleaner

This small utility cleans all the “junk” out of your temporary files, cache etc. It's also handy for protecting your privacy when using public machines. Operating System: Windows

208. Eraser

While DBAN erases your entire drive, Eraser securely deletes selected files and folders only. The website suggests it's ideal for eliminating all traces of "passwords, personal information, classified documents from work, financial records, and self-written poems." Operating System: Windows

209. FileKiller

FileKiller works much like Eraser, but it gives the user the option of determining how many times the old data is overwritten. It's also very fast. Operating System: Windows


If you need a tool like Eraser, but you're running Linux, check out Wipe. It also securely deletes files and folders by writing over the old data several times. Operating System: Linux


Open Source Apps: Data Loss Prevention

211. OpenDLP

This tool for businesses or other organizations with large networks scans all the Windows systems on a network and identifies which systems contain sensitive data. That information is then sent back via a secure connection to a centralized Web app so that administrators or security consultants can see the results. Operating System: Windows

212. MyDLP

Another tool for larger organizations, MyDLP monitors incoming and outgoing traffic on your network looking for sensitive data leaks. It's available in a free community edition or a paid enterprise edition. Operating System: Windows, Linux, VMware


Open Source Apps: Data Warehouse (DW)

213. Apatar

Apatar software helps companies integrate their data from various on-site and on-demand applications, including Salesforce.com, Quickbooks, and others. In addition to the free software, the company offers commercial support, training, and integration consulting services, as well as some on-demand integration services and some pre-built data integration solutions. Operating System: Windows, Linux

214. DataCleaner

DataCleaner profiles, validates, and compares data in order to ensure its quality. It can work with nearly any kind of datastore, including Oracle, MySQL, XML files, Microsoft SQL, Excel spreadsheets, and more. Operating System: OS Independent.

215. Clover ETL

Designed for those with "modest data transformation and ETL requirements," the community edition of CloverETL makes it easy to move data between different types of databases and spreadsheets. For those with more advanced needs, CloverETL also offers a variety of fee-based versions. Operating System: OS Independent.

216. KETL

This "premier" extract, transform, load (ETL) tool offers excellent scalability, which allows it to compete against commercial tools. It integrates with most popular security and data management tools. Operating System: Linux, Unix.

217. LucidDB

LucidDB was specifically designed to serve the analytics needs of data warehouse and business intelligence projects. It was created with "flexible, high-performance data integration and sophisticated query processing in mind." Operating System: Windows, Linux.

218. MailArchiva

This app helps organizations meet their compliance requirements for storing e-mails long term. The enterprise edition adds a number of features not available in the open source edition, as well as offering faster performance for companies with a lot of users. Operating System: Windows, Linux.

219. Talend

The "recognized market leader in open source data integration," Talend offers a unified platform for data management that includes data integration, data quality and master data management tools. In addition to the free community versions of its products, Talend also offers paid support, training, commercial versions with additional features, and other services. Operating System: Windows, Linux, Unix.


Open Source Apps: Desktop Enhancements

220. Classic Shell

If you've upgraded to Windows 7 (or Windows Vista) and miss some of the features from older versions of Windows, this app can bring them back. It gives you a classic start menu, classic explorer, a toolbar in Windows Explorer and many other features. Operating System: Windows

221. Compiz

Compiz can be used as either a compositing manager to add fancy effects to your windows or as a full windows manager. Included effects include drop shadows, the desktop cube and expo view. Operating System: Linux

222. Console

For developers and others who like to work from the command line, Console adds capabilities that aren't available through cmd.exe. For example, it allows users to open multiple tabs, change the font and window style, use a text selection tool, and more. Operating System: Windows

223. Dave’s Quick Search Deskbar

Are the Google deskbar and "I'm feeling lucky" button not fast enough for you? Try Dave's Quick Search Deskbar. It lets you search the Internet without opening a browser first, and it has lots of helpful features that speed up search even more. Operating System: Windows

224. DropIt

If your file system is a mess, DropIt gives you an easier way to clean it up than using the file copy-and-paste capabilities of Windows Explorer. With this app, you can create an icon on your desktop that sends files to the folder of your choice. Just drag your file to icon and it will move the file where you want it to go. Operating System: Windows

225. Electric Sheep

One of the most interesting screensavers ever created, Electric Sheep connects your system to thousands of others around the world to create abstract animations known as "sheep." The name comes from the Philip K. Dick novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

226. Emerge

This replacement for the Windows shell offers a minimalist interface based on applets. It lets users access programs via a right click instead of the Start Menu, and it offers an application launcher and virtual desktop capabilities. Operating System: Windows

227. Enlightenment

Compatible with both Gnome and KDE, Enlightenment is a fast, modular windows manager. The project also includes a large interface development library, some parts of which are usable on Windows, OS X and other OSes. Operating System: Linux

228. Florence

If you can't use your hands for some reason, or if you spilled Red Bull on your keyboard and are waiting for it to dry out, Florence can help you keep on typing. This app for the Gnome desktop puts a virtual keyboard on your screen that you can click with your mouse. Operating System: Linux, OS X

229. Fluxbox

Although it's not too flashy, this window manager is lightweight and fast. Key features include tabbing, editable menus, an application dock and more. Operating System: Linux

230. GeoShell

If you don't like the way your Windows interface looks, GeoShell can replace it with skinnable versions of the start menu, taskbar, system tray, etc. It also requires fewer resources than Windows Explorer, and it has a whole host of plug-ins that can add other features like RSS readers, weather forecasts and more. Operating System: Windows

231. Google Wallpaper

If you get bored having the same image on your desktop for more than five seconds or so, this app might be for you. You type in a keyword, an interval of time and whether or not you want to use "Safe Search." The app then pulls up random pictures from Google and uses them as your wallpaper for the period of time you set. Operating System: Windows

232. icewm

Icewm's stated goals include "speed, simplicity, and not getting in the user's way." It currently supports 25 different languages. Operating System: Linux, OS X

233. izulu

No window near your cubicle? This app automatically changes the background on your desktop to match current weather and time. Operating System: Linux

234. Karsten SlideShow

Like the “My Pictures Slideshow” screensaver that comes with Windows, this app shows your photos when your desktop is inactive. But unlike "My Pictures" this app makes it easy for you to decide which pictures and videos to include and which to leave out. Operating System: Windows

235. KWin

The default window manager for the KDE desktop, KWin puts an emphasis on reliability and good looks. The latest version supports compositing, that is, 3D window effects. Operating System: Linux

236. Kysrun

Much like Launchy (below), Kysrun starts your applications or opens bookmarks or documents with a couple of keystrokes. It also starts searches on Google, Wikipedia or IMDB and solves math problems. Operating System: Linux

237. Launchy

If you hate to use the mouse, Launchy is for you. It lets you open applications, documents, folders, bookmarks and more with just a few keystrokes. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

238. LCARS 24

If you're a Trekkie with an old PC sitting in your basement or garage, you might want to install this app on that old system. It provides a talking alarm clock and other apps all based on the graphics from the Enterprise's displays. Operating System: Windows, DOS

239. LotseEscher

Fans of the artist M. C. Escher will enjoy this animated version of his Print Gallery drawing. If you like it, you may also like this developer's other screensavers: LotsaGlass, LotsaSnow and LotsaWater. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

240. Matrixgl

For those who love the Matrix movies, this screensaver features falling green characters that create images of characters from the The Matrix Reloaded. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

241. Metacity

The default window manager for Gnome 2.x, Metacity is designed to be as usable and unobtrusive as possible, and might be described as a little plain. The project owners themselves say, “Many window managers are like Marshmallow Froot Loops; Metacity is like Cheerios.” Operating System: Linux

242. Pixel City

This app generates new night-time cityscape artwork every time it runs. Check out the demonstration video link on the site to see how it works. Operating System: Windows

243. PNotes

This fast and lightweight app lets you leave yourself virtual sticky notes on your desktop. It also offers features like scheduling, audio notes, encryption, password protection, tabs, smilies, transparency and more. Operating System: Windows

244. Really Slick Screensavers

If you're looking for a screensaver that's a little bit out of the ordinary, check out Really Slick. It includes a dozen different colorful (and sometimes nausea-inducing) screensavers. Operating System: Windows

245. SharpEnviro

Formerly known as "SharpE," SharpEnviro makes the desktop highly configurable, including the option of having up to 20 different toolbars. It supports multiple monitors and is very easy to use. Operating System: Windows

246. Startup Manager

This app lets the user control which applications and processes start up when you turn on your system. It's particularly useful if you'd like to speed up the process or if you always open the same programs. Operating System: Windows

247. Sticker

Sticker is a Windows 7-compatible electronic post-it note app. Unlike some similar apps, it lets you put notes directly on the desktop as if they were icons. Operating System: Windows

248. topBlock

This screensaver's graphics aren't as impressive as some of the others on our list, but it's fun if you like Lego blocks. Operating System: Windows

249. Wikiquote Screensaver

If you prefer a screensaver that's a little more philosophical, check out this app. You type in a topic and press save, and it will pull up random Wikiquotes on the topic. Operating System: Windows

250. Wally

Like the Google Wallpaper app, Wally changes out the photo on your screen after a set period of time. But this app let's you pick photos from your own hard drive or from remote sources like Google, Flickr, Yahoo, Photobucket and many others. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

251. Whorld

Whorld generates interesting geometric patterns that can be used for a screensaver or for VJing. It gives you a huge number of options and controls, and you can even extend them by using one of the downloadable patches or creating a patch of your own. Operating System: Windows

252. VirtuaWin

Most Linux/Unix windows managers make it easy to switch between desktops, but to accomplish the same thing on Windows, you usually have to log out and log back in as another user. This app lets you save up to nine different desktops and switch between them quickly. It's helpful if you're multi-tasking and need one set of apps for one project and other set for a different project. Operating System: Windows

253. WindowsPager

WindowsPager offers very similar functionality as VirtuaWin, with a different interface for switching between workspaces. Operating System: Windows


Open Source Apps: Desktop Publishing

254. MiKTeX

An update of TeX, MiKTeX is a typesetting program with a complete set of fonts, utilities, and macros. According to the original developer, it was "intended for the creation of beautiful books—and especially for books that contain a lot of mathematics." Operating System: Windows, Linux

255. Scribus

Suitable for professional designers, Scribus desktop publishing offers features like color separations, ICC spot color support and PDF creation. Despite the advanced features, there is plenty of help available, so it's also suitable for amateurs. Operating System: Windows, Linux, Unix, OS X

256. SiSU

After creating documents in the text editor of your choice, you can use SiSU (Structured information, serialized units) to publish them in the format of your choice and make them searchable. Supported formats include plain-text, HTML, XHTML, XML, ODF, LaTeX, and PDF. Operating System: Linux/Unix


Open Source Apps: Desktop Search

257. Beagle

If you don't know the name of the file you're looking for, Beagle can help you find it. It indexes and searches the text of your documents, emails, web history, IM/IRC conversations, contacts, calendar, and other files to find the keywords you're looking for. Operating System: Linux

258. DocFetcher

Instead of wasting time searching every file on your system, DocFetcher searches only your documents for the keywords you enter. It supports plain text, html, Microsoft Office, OpenOffice.org, AbiWord, pdf and several other types of files. Operating System: Windows, Linux

259. Pinot

Pinot combines both desktop search and Web search into a single app. It also allows advanced queries (probabilistic search, boolean filters, wildcards, date ranges, time and size) and supports Chinese, Japanese and Korean text searches. Operating System: Linux

230. Recoll

Recoll can search the text of most document types, including e-mails, attachments and compressed files. It supports a variety of query types, and it provides a preview of searched documents. Operating System: Linux

231. Tracker

Part of the Gnome desktop, Tracker combines traditional search by name and file location with more advanced search capabilities that let you look for document text or tags. If you choose, you can use it to add metadata tags to all of your files, which makes it easier to organize your files and find what you're looking for. Operating System: Linux


Open Source Apps: Developer Tools

232. Amdatu

Still in the very early stages of development, Amdatu offers a "rapid application development platform and runtime for open, service oriented and cloud-aware Web applications." It leverages several Apache Foundation tools and is built on Java. Operating System: OS Independent

233. Anjuta DevStudio

GNOME's IDE supports C and C++ development on Linux systems. It includes an application wizard, interactive debugger, source code editor, version control, GUI designer and more. Operating System: Linux

234. Appcelerator Titanium

Titanium helps create apps that work not only on the largest mobile platforms, but also on all of the major desktop platforms. It supports HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, and Python. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, iOS, Android

235. ATPad

This Notepad replacement includes a number of features for developers, like a tabbed interface, line numbering, word wrapping, text coloring and more. It's won a number of awards. Operating System: Windows.

236. Cloud9 IDE

Launched in 2010, the Cloud9 IDE offers an online alternative to Eclipse for JavaScript development. It also supports HTML/CSS, Coffeescript, Ruby, PHP and other programming languages. The source code is available, and Cloud9 offers the IDE on a development-as-a-service basis, with a free subscription available for open source developers. Operating System: OS Independent

237. Code::Blocks

This cross-platform C++ IDE is highly extensible, making it easy to add the features you want. It includes built-in compiling and debugging capabilities, plus an easy-to-use interface. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

238. Dart

First unveiled in October of 2011, Dart is Google's new programming language designed as an alternative to JavaScript. Currently, the company is seeking feedback on the language, which is still in the very early stages of development. Operating System: OS Independent

239. Dev-C++

Dev-C++ is a C/C++ IDE with support for all GCC-based compilers. Key features include integrated debugging, project management, customizable syntax editor, code completion and others. Operating System: Windows

240. Eclipse

In addition to the well-known Java IDE, the Eclipse site offers a number of other development tools and educational materials. You'll also find plug-ins that extend its capabilities to support C, C++, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, and other programming languages. Operating System: OS Independent

241. Evolutility

With Evolutility, users can build custom Web apps in just minutes, without writing any C#, HTML, CSS, Javascript, or SQL. If you have a database, this app can put it on the Web quickly and easily. Operating System: Windows.

242. Game Editor

If you're not really a programmer, but you think you have an idea for a game that might be the next big hit on the iPhone, this tool might help. It's a cross-platform game creator, and the site offers advice for those just starting out. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, iOS, others.

243. FLOW3

Very recently released in version 1.0, FLOW3 is a PHP development framework from the creators of the TYPO3 content management system. It's designed to support the principles of Agile development, Domain Driven Design, Extreme Programming and Test-Driven Development. Operating System: Windows, Linux

244. GCC

The "GNU Compiler Collection" offers front ends and libraries for C, C++, Objective-C, Fortran, Java, and Ada. It's probably the most widely used compiler for code that will run on multiple operating systems. Operating System: OS Independent

245. Gestalt

Gestalt offers a developers a way to write Ruby and Python scripts in in (X)HTML pages. It's SEO-friendly and lets you use some advanced HTML5 technologies on your Web apps. Operating System: OS Independent

246. Glade

Glade lets developers quickly create interfaces for the GTK+ toolkit and the GNOME desktop environment. It saves those interfaces in XML so they can be accessed by applications written in a wide variety of programming languages. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

247. Hibernate

Part of the JBoss Enterprise Middleware Suite, Hibernate provides object/relational persistence for Java and .NET. It also includes the ability to write queries in SQL or the Hibernate version of SQL (HQL). Operating System: OS Independent

248. Intel Threaded Building Blocks

This library helps C++ developers take advantage of the benefits of multi-core processing systems, even if they don't know a lot about threading. It's available in both a commercial and an open source version. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

249. IPFaces

This tool aims to make it faster, easier and cheaper for experienced ASP.Net, Java or PHP developers to create native form-oriented apps. Commercial support, training and other services are available. Operating System: OS Independent for the developer; creates apps for iOS and BlackBerry

250. Javadoc

Javadoc uses the comments you embed in your Java code to create an HTML documentation file. By default it describes the public and protected classes, nested classes (but not anonymous inner classes), interfaces, constructors, methods and fields. It's included in Oracle's Java developer kits. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

251. Jo

This HTML5 mobile app framework creates both Web and native apps for iOS, Android, webOS, BlackBerry and Chrome OS. It relies heavily on CSS3, and it works with PhoneGap. Operating System: iOS, Android, webOS, BlackBerry, Chrome OS

252. jQuery

jQuery calls itself "the write less do more JavaScript library," and that's a pretty apt description. It simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions for rapid web development. Operating System: OS Independent

253. JQTouch

This jQuery plugin enables mobile Web development for the iPhone and Android devices. It's easy to install, customizable and offers theme support. Operating System: iOS, Android

254. KDevelop

KDE's integrated development environment (IDE) includes a source code editor, project managers, GUI designer, front ends for the GNU Compiler Collection and GNU Debugger, and more. It offers code completion for C/C++, as well as some support for Perl, Python, PHP, Java, Fortran, Ruby, Ada, Pascal, SQL, and Bash. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

255. Kurogo

A fork of the MIT Mobile Framework, Kurogo is a new mobile development platform with a focus on "clean integration, exceptional user experience and deep customization." It comes in two versions: one for mobile Web apps and one for iOS. Operating System: OS Independent

256. Lazarus Lazarus offers a complete and easy-to-use programming environment for FreePascal. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, FreeBSD

257. MinGW

"Minimalist GNU for Windows" ports the GCC compilers and GNU Binutils for Windows. It allows you to use GNU tools to build Windows apps from Windows or Linux systems. Operating System: Windows, Linux

258. MonoDevelop

Designed for .NET developers, this IDE from Novell makes it easier to create C# applications for multiple platforms. It also supports Java, Boo, Visual Basic.NET, Oxygene, CIL, Python, Vala, C and C++. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

259 MoSync SDK

With MoSync, you can build cross-platform mobile apps with familiar tools—C or C++ and the Eclipse IDE. Commercial support and training are also available. Operating System: Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, Symbian


MUSCLE stands for "Multi-User Server Client Linking Environment." In a nutshell, it makes it possible for cross-platform applications to communicate with each other over the network. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, BSD

261. NetBeans

Although known as a Java tool, NetBeans also supports JavaFX, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, Groovy, Grails and C/C++. Its goal is to help users quickly develop web, enterprise, desktop, and mobile applications. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

262. Nette Framework

Nette Framework promises developers "you will write less, have cleaner code and your work will bring you joy." It's a PHP-based framework for writing Web applications, and it supports AJAX, SEO, DRY, KISS, MVC and code reusability. Operating System: Windows, Linux

263. NuGet

This extension for Microsoft's Visual Studio makes it easy to install and update open source libraries for the .NET platform. And the NuGet Gallery makies it easy to find those open source libraries. Operating System: Windows

264. Open64

Formerly known as Pro64, Open64 was created by Intel and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It includes compilers for C, C++ and Fortran90/95 compilers for the IA-64 Linux ABI and API standards. Operating System: Linux

265. Open BlueDragon

If you'd like to create Web apps using the ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML), but don't want to spend thousands of dollars on your development tool, Open BlueDragon gives you an open source option. It describes itself as "the world's first truly open source GPL Java and Google App Engine CFML runtime." Operating System: Windows, Linux

266. OWASP

The “Open Web Application Security Project” includes a number of documents, applications, and tools for developers concerned about app security. Key projects include WebGoat, ESAPI Security Library for Java, and numerous standards and guides. Operating System: OS Independent

267. PhoneGap

PhoneGap claims to be the "only open source mobile framework that supports six platforms." It allows you to use HTML5 and JavaScript to create truly cross-platform apps that are able to access the native features of the various smartphone platforms. Operating System: requires OS X for the developer; creates apps for iOS, Android, BlackBerry WebOS, Symbian, Bada

268. php ClamAV

This package allows you to incorporate the ClamAV engine into your PHP5 scripts. Operating system: Linux

269. phpDocumentor

Like Javadoc, phpDocumentor turns code comments into readable documentation for users, only in this case for the PHP language instead of for Java. It's very fast and includes a variety of templates. Operating System: OS Independent

270. phpMyAdmin

Written in PHP, this utility handles the administration of MySQL over the Web. phpMyAdmin performs many database administration tasks like running SQL statements, adding and dropping databases, and adding, editing or deleting tables or fields. Operating System: OS Independent

271. Prototype

This JavaScript framework tries to make it easier to create dynamic Web apps. It offers a class-style OO framework, easy DOM manipulation, and what it humbly calls "the nicest Ajax library around." Operating System: OS Independent

272. Restkit

This Objective-C framework "aims to make interacting with RESTful web services simple, fast and fun." It uses an API and a object mapping system to help reduce the amount of code you need to write when creating apps for the iPhone or iPad. Operating System: iOS

273. Rhodes

Designed for enterprise application developers, Rhodes is a Ruby-based framework that enables developers to write applications once and turn them into native apps for each of the various platforms. Commercial support is available and the company behind the project (Rhomobile) offers a number of other related enterprise mobility solutions. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X for the developer; creates apps for iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Phone 7

274. Ruby on Rails

Designed for rapid application development using Agile methodologies, Ruby on Rails offers "Web development that doesn't hurt." It's used by the developers behind thousands of apps, including Twitter, Basecamp, Github and Groupon. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

275. Sencha Touch

This mobile JavaScript framework assists in the development of mobile Web apps that look and feel like native apps for iPhone, Android or BlackBerry. Note that it only supports WebKit browsers like Chrome and Safari. Operating System: OS Independent

276. SharpDevelop

Like MonoDevelop, SharpDevelop (or #develop) was created as an alternative to Visual Studio for Microsoft's .NET platform. It supports C#, VB.NET and Boo. Operating System: Windows

277. soapUI

With more than 2 million downloads, soapUI claims to be the most popular Web services and SOA testing tool in the world. It performs functional testing of SOAP, REST, HTTP, and JMS services, as well as databases. Operating System: OS Independent

278. Sonar

In its first year of release, this Web-based platform for managing code quality quickly racked up 30,000 downloads. Now in its second year, Sonar gets 4,000 downloads per month and is notable for its ease of use and excellent reporting tools. Operating System: OS Independent.

279. Ultimate++

This rapid application development framework includes both a C++ library and an IDE designed to handle large applications. Its emphasis is on speeding up the development process and includes "BLITZ-build" technology that makes C++ rebuilds up to four times faster. Operating System: Windows, Linux

280. Wakanda

According to its website, Wakanda is "an open source platform for building business Web applications with nothing but JavaScript." It's still in preview status, but is already getting kudos from end users for its ability to speed up and simplify the business application development process. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

281. wxWidgets

This cross-platform development toolkit enables programmers to write applications in C++, Python, Perl, and C#/.NET that work on several different operating systems. In addition to an easy-to-use GUI, wxWidgets offers online help, streams, clipboard and drag and drop, multithreading, database support, HTML viewing and printing, and many other features. Operating System: Windows, Linux/Unix, OS X

282. XML Copy Editor

XML Copy Editor doesn't have as many features as some comparable apps, but it is very fast and lightweight. It's simplicity also makes it easier to use than some of the more feature-heavy applications. Operating System: Windows, Linux

283. Zend

Zend offers both a Web application server (Zend Server) and an IDE (ZendStudio) for PHP developers. Both are available in free, open source or paid versions, and the company also offers training and some additional commercial products and services. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

284. ZK

ZK claims to be the "leading enterprise Java Web framework," and it supports the development of both Web and mobile apps. It's been downloaded more than 1.5 million times. Operating System: OS Independent


Open Source Apps: Dictionary/Translation Tools

285. GlobalSight

GlobalSight is a translation management system designed to streamline the process of localizing content for multi-national organizations. It's available on an SaaS basis, with prices that vary depending on the number of translation vendors you need to track. Operating System: Windows, Linux.


Open Source Apps: Diet/Exercise

286. iDiet

Trying to decide which diet to try? iDiet makes it easy to compare a lot of different diets, including Atkins, Summer Fresh, The Zone, Body for Life, Jenny Craig, based on nutritional guidelines. Once you pick a diet, the Java-based app helps you set goals and track your progress. Operating System: OS Independent

287. SportsTracker

No matter what sport you participate in (running, cycling, lifting weights, tennis, etc.), SportsTracker can help you track your training plan, type of activity, body weight, time spent exercising, etc. It also integrates with several brands of heart rate monitors, so you can track your heart rate data as well. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X


Open Source Apps: Distributed Computing

288. Hadoop

Hadoop offers a variety of tools for working with large amounts of data in distributed computing environments. Notable users include Yahoo, Facebook, Google, Hulu, IBM, LinkedIN, The New York Times and others. Operating System: OS Independent


Open Source Apps: Document Management Systems (DMS)

289. Epiware

Athough it primarily offers Web-based document management, Epiware also includes project management capabilities, as well as group calendaring, wikis and a newsfeed. Commercial support is also available. Operating System: Windows, Linux.

290. Inforama

With Inforama, you can create document templates, import data from databases and spreadsheets, create PDFs, and automatically store documents in a central repository. It's available in a Community Edition (for a single machine) or an Enterprise Edition, both of which are free and open source. Operating System: OS Independent.

291. KnowledgeTree

This Web-based collaboration and file sharing tool offers features like search and preview, workflow and document alerts, Microsoft Office integration, document auditing, electronic signatures, scanning and capture, and more. It's available in five different cloud-based options, as well as the free open-source community edition. Operating System: Windows, Linux.

292. LogicalDOC

LogicalDOC aims to make it easy for workers to collaborate on and share all types of documents. Features include version control, a task manager, Outlook integration, and smartphone support. Operating System: OS Independent.

293. OpenDocMan

Like many others in this category, OpenDocMan includes automated workflow capabilities, as well as search, security, file expiration, revision history and more. You can download and host it for free or purchase it on an SaaS basis. Operating System: OS Independent.

294. OpenKM

This document management system includes a JBPM workflow capability to make sure your files get routed for the appropriate sign-offs and approvals. It offers advanced search and security capabilities, and professional-level support is available for a fee. Operating System: OS Independent.


Open Source Apps: Earth Science

295. Seismic Toolkit (STK)

This app makes it easier for scientists and researchers to analyze data from seismic events. It includes tools for filtering and plotting data, evolutive polarization, and more. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.


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