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Powered by Linux, the Spark tablet might prove to be little more than a toy. Yet it has greater potential.
Posted February 6, 2012

Matt Hartley

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How awesome would it be to choose exactly what specs your Spark tablet comes with! This takes the idea of a tablet running FOSS software up a level where even geeks on the fence would be lining up to buy one. As a bonus, I believe it would also help with getting user adoption off the ground, since developers and users alike can select the best tablet specs to meet their needs.

Realistically, I understand that there are some tight controls on certain materials available to create these devices. But on the flip side, I believe that a greater number of solutions could be put into place if there were more specifications to choose from. It would also add to the user experienced "magic" if users were allowed to "build" their next generation Spark tablets from a kit.

Even cooler than that, take a page from Bug Labs and allow developers to take parts of their tablet apart to be exchanged for different components. This would make testing and upgrading much more flexible. I firmly believe that in order for the Spark to be truly unique, it would benefit from both open source software and hardware.

Not just another tablet

I will continue to hold out high hopes for the Spark tablet and Plasma Active. I also believe there is merit for a community-based tablet versus one running Google and Apple code.

And considering this tablet is destined to align itself with people who value choice in their software as well as their operating system, I cannot say loudly enough how important it is to have multiple specification choices to choose from. As for putting together a Spark tablet from a kit form, well, to me this just translates into even further engagement with a target market.

Will Plasma Active translate nicely onto this rather small tablet screen? How many Linux developers will find themselves pulled in to developing for this relatively new idea? All of these are questions are yet to be answered until the Spark tablet finds its way into the marketplace.

One thing I think has been established early on, though, is that the Spark tablet isn't destined to be an iPad killer. As a matter of fact, the Spark is targeting a largely ignored market within the tablet realm; FOSS enthusiasts, Linux developers and those individuals who want to use something genuinely different.

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