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Cloud-based open source apps and open source tools for managing cloud environments are now plentiful.


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Content Management

17. Alfresco

Similar to Microsoft SharePoint, Alfresco offers content management, document management, records management and enterprise collaboration capabilities. The company is currently offering a free beta SaaS version and plans to expand its cloud offering soon. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

18. MindTouch

MindTouch enables the creation of social help websites, and it's used by customers like PayPal, Mozilla and Intuit. The Core software is open source, or you can purchase MindTouch on an SaaS basis. Operating System: Windows, Linux.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

19. SugarCRM

This CRM system's impressive client list includes Chevrolet, Coca-Cola, Avis, Men's Wearhouse and other well-known companies. In addition to the open source version, it comes in multiple cloud-based and on-premise versions. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

20. vTiger

Used by more than 100,000 companies, this CRM tool also includes invoicing, reporting, sales force automation and project management capabilities. The hosted vTiger On Demand version resides on Amazon's servers and comes with a free 15-day trial. Operating System: Windows, Linux, iOS, Android.

21. Orange Leap/MPX

Designed for non-profit organizations, Orange Leap offers "constituent relationship management" with specific features that aim to improve fundraising. It comes in an SaaS version, and commercial support is also available for the on-premise, open source version. Operating System: Windows.

22. SourceTap

SourceTap describes itself as "a highly flexible Sales Force Automation (SFA) tool that meets both the needs of sales managers and the sales rep." It's available under either a commercial or an open source license, and the company also offers an on-demand subscription service that also provides users with full access to the source code. Operating System: Windows, Linux.

23. SplendidCRM

The community version of this software offers basic CRM features, but you'll need to purchase the professional or enterprise version if you want reporting, order management and other advanced features. Community, professional and enterprise versions can be deployed on-premise or used in the cloud. Operating System: Windows.

24. ConcourseSuite

Java-based ConcourseSuite offers a 360° view of your customers, incorporating sales, marketing and customer service perspectives. Unlike most CRM apps, the cloud version is priced on storage and bandwidth, not per user. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

25. Covide

This CRM solution promises to improve business productivity up to 30 percent while lowering costs. In addition to the open source server version, it's also available on an SaaS basis with prices in euros. Operating System: Windows, OS X, Unix


26. Riak

Built to run in the cloud or other distributed environments, this database attempts to combine the benefits of traditional RDBMSes with the benefits of NoSQL. It comes in community and enterprise versions or Riak CS which provides a platform for cloud storage. Operating System: Linux, OS X

Document Management Systems (DMS)

27. OpenKM

Designed for use by both small and large companies, OpenKM includes features like a Web 2.0 interface, document control version, content and metadata search, mobility support and more. It comes in community, professional or cloud versions, and the company also offers training services. Operating System: OS Independent.

28. LogicalDOC

This DMS aims to reduce your document retrieval time from hours to just seconds. The cloud-based version adds the benefit of allowing users to access documents from any device, anywhere. Operating System: OS Independent.

29. OpenDocMan

This Web-based document management system complies with ISO 17025 and OIE standards. It comes as a free download, a commercial appliance or a hosted service, and additional paid services are also available. Operating System: OS Independent.


30. Magento

Owned by eBay, Magento offers a full-service e-commerce platform that's used by more than 110,000 online merchants. The open source platform is also available as a hosted service called Magento Go. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

31. Fishop.NET

Fishop describes itself as a "no frills" e-commerce solution. You can try a demo right from the site, and you can purchase it on an SaaS basis (with prices in euros). Operating System: Windows.


32. Collabtive

Very similar to Basecamp, Collabtive helps users track projects, milestones, tasks and working time. You can deploy the open source version on your own server or use the hosted service. Operating System: OS Independent.

33. Group-Office

Group-Office combines traditional Web-based groupware with CRM, file sharing and project management capabilities. The hosted version comes free for the first month, with pricing thereafter determined by the number of users. Operating System: OS Independent.

34. Zimbra

The server versions of Zimbra offer an alternative to Microsoft Exchange, while the desktop client provides an alternative to Outlook. The link above explains the various on-premise and cloud-based deployment options. Operating System: Linux, Unix, OS X.

35. cyn.in

Cyn.in combines wikis, social networks, blogs, file sharing repositories, micro blogs, discussion boards and other communication applications into a unified enterprise collaboration solution. You can choose the free open source version, the SaaS version or the paid on-premise appliance. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

36. Feng Office

Created with professional services organizations in mind, Feng Office now boasts more than 350,000 users. It comes in a "Feng Sky" version that runs in the cloud, as well as free community and commercially supported on-premise versions. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

37. EGroupware

With millions of users, EGroupware claims to be "the leading Online Collaboration Tool and the top choice for big enterprises, small businesses and teams within and across organizations all over the globe." The company offers the software on a hosted basis, in addition to the community and enterprise versions. Operating System: OS Independent.

38. TeamLab

This app for small businesses combines social networking features with project and document management. In addition to the open source version that you can host yourself, the company also offers it as an SaaS or through Amazon EC2. Operating System: OS Independent.

39. Ofuz

Best for teams, freelancers, and service providers, Ofuz tracks contacts, organizes leads, manages projects, tracks your time, creates invoices, sends e-mail and more. While it's technically still a beta, both the open source download and the SaaS online version are both useable. Operating System: OS Independent.

40. allocPSA

This Web-based tool for professional services organizations allows users to track projects, people, time sheets, invoicing and clients. In addition to the SaaS version available through the link above, it also comes in a community download with commercial support available. Operating System: OS Independent.

41. Citadel

Citadel is a mail server that claims a reputation for being "easy to install, easy to use, easy to live with." The link above provides information about using Citadel in the cloud as a hosted service, but you can also download and deploy it on your own servers. Operating System: Linux.

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