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From simple spreadsheet applications to complete BI suites, the open source community has created dozens of applications that help enterprises store and analyze business data.


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27. Riak

Replaces Oracle NoSQL Database, Amazon SimpleDB

Riak claims thousands of users, including Comcast, Yammer, Voxer, Boeing, Joyent, DotCloud, GitHub and the Danish Government. The website boasts "Riak is the most powerful open-source, distributed database you'll ever put into production." New users should check out the Riak Fast Track for an introduction and quick installation guide. Operating System: Linux, OS X.

28. BigData

Replaces Oracle NoSQL Database, Amazon SimpleDB

Capable of scaling from a single server to thousands of machines, BigData is a high-performance RDF database with high availability and high concurrency. Commercial support and licenses are available. Operating System: OS Independent.

29. Hive

Replaces Oracle NoSQL Database, Amazon SimpleDB

Formerly a Hadoop sub-project, Hive is a data warehouse designed for easy data summarization, ad-hoc queries, and the analysis of large datasets. It uses a SQL-like language known as HiveQL. Operating System: OS Independent.

30. SQLite

Replaces: Microsoft SQL Server Standard

This public-domain software claims to be "the most used database engine in the world" because it is included on every Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows 10 device, as well as being integrated into popular applications like Firefox, Chrome, Skype, iTunes, Dropbox, TurboTax, QuickBooks and others. Its development is sponsored by a consortium of companies that includes Blomberg, Mozilla, Expensify and others. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, Android


31. JMagallanes

Replaces SAP Crystal Reports, DBxtra

Java-based JMagallanes offers OLAP and dynamic reporting from a variety of data sources, including SQL, Excel, XML, and others. Commercial support is available on a per incident basis, and you can also purchase two related products--JMagallanes Datawarehouse and JMagallanes Web. Operating System: OS Independent.

32. BIRT/Actuate

Replaces SAP Crystal Reports, DBxtra

Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools, a.k.a. BIRT, can add reporting features to any Java/Java EE application. Actuate is the company that leads development of BIRT and also offer commercial products based on the open source project. Operating System: OS Independent.

33. OpenReports

Replaces SAP Crystal Reports, DBxtra

This Web-based reporting interface works with a variety of reporting engines, including JasperReports, JFreeReport, JXLS, and BIRT. The paid professional version adds OLAP support, dashboards, conditional scheduling and some other advanced features. Operating System: OS Independent.

Data Mining and Analytics


Replaces SAS Predictive Analytics, Oracle Data Miner, Statistica

Short for "Konstanz Information Miner," KNIME describes itself as "a user-friendly and comprehensive open-source data integration, processing, analysis, and exploration platform." Gartner named KNIME a "Cool Vendor" in analytics, business intelligence and performance management in 2010. The Desktop version is open source; the Professional, Team Space, Server and Cluster Execution editions require a paid subscription. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

35. RapidMiner/RapidAnalytics

Replaces SAS Predictive Analytics, Oracle Data Miner, Statistica

Owned by Rapid-I, Rapid Miner is the self-proclaimed "world-leading open-source system for data and text mining." It's available as a standalone solution, as a data mining engine for use with other applications, or as part of the RapidAnalytics server suite. Paid enterprise versions of the software are available. Operating System: OS Independent.

36. Orange

Replaces SAS Predictive Analytics, Oracle Data Miner, Statistica

This "fruitful and fun" project aims to offer data visualization and analysis capabilities that can be used by both experienced professionals and novices. Add-ons are available for bioinformatics and text mining. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

37. jHepWork

Replaces SAS Predictive Analytics, Oracle Data Miner, Statistica

Java-based jHepWork, or jWork, is a platform for analysis of large volumes of numbers, data mining, statistical analysis and mathematics. It includes libraries for creating data visualizations, as well as libraries for data structures and data manipulation. Operating System: OS Independent.

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