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Some of the best open source mobility management solutions, mobile security applications, mobile development tools and mobile apps for workers.


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Mobile Database

34. Realm

Realm aims to speed the development of iOS and Android apps by offering a database designed specifically for mobile. The database claims it can "save you thousands of lines of code and weeks of work." Operating System: OS X, iOS, Android

App Testing

35. Akamai Mobitest

This tool aims to make it easier to find out how your websites are performing on real mobile devices. You can download the source code from the link above, and Akamai also offers a limited hosted service on its website. Operating System: OS Independent

36. Appium

Appium is a test automation framework that can support iOS, Android, mobile Web and hybrid apps. Unlike some other testing tools, it doesn’t require a special SDK or recompiling—simply test your production code as it is. Operating System: OS Independent

37. QuincyKit

QuincyKit is the open source technology that powers Microsoft's HockeyApp crash reporting. It offers live crash report management and long-term statistics. Operating System: OS X, iOS

Mobile Utilities

38. Android-VNC-Viewer

Available through Google Play, this Android VNC client can connect to TightVNC, RealVNC, x11vnc and Apple Remote Desktop. It allows users (or help desk personnel) to remote control desktops or laptops from an Android device. Operating System: Android

39. Connectbot

A good option for UNIX administrators, Connectbot is a SecureShell (SSH) client that allows users to manage simultaneous SSH sessions, create secure tunnels, and copy/paste between other applications. If you search for the app on Google Play, you'll also find a fork that updates some of its capabilities. Operating System: Android

40. Floating Stickies

If you use a sticky note utility on your desktop or laptop (or if you use a lot of sticky notes in the real world), you might enjoy this sticky note app for Android devices. Notes stay on top of all other apps, but you can dock them at the side and/or resize them to save space. Source code available through GitHub. Operating System: Android

41. SMS Backup+

Backup your text messages to your Gmail account with this helpful app. There are several apps on Google Play with similar names, but the original version from this GitHub project is available here. Operating System: Android

Mobile Apps

42. A Time Tracker

This app helps freelancers, service professionals and other workers track when they started and stopped work on a project. It can help with billing or with improving your productivity. Installable through F-Droid. Operating System: Android

43. CrocodileNote

Take notes on your mobile device, organize them into folders and encrypt them so noone else can read them without your password. The link above will let you download the app, and the source code is available through Goodle Code. Operating System: Android

44. Direct Dictaphone

Leave yourself short messages to review later. To keep the file size small, the app restricts each note to forty-five seconds or less. Operating System: Android

45. Drupal Editor

Manage your Drupal-based website from your phone or tablet. Note that you'll need Drupal in order to use it. Source code is available through GitHub. Operating System: Android

46. F-Droid

F-Droid makes it easy for open source fans to download more than a thousand FOSS apps to their Android devices. It includes games, development tools, utilities, office tools and even apps for kids. Operating System: Android

47. K-9

This alternative email client boasts search, multi-folder sync, flagging, filing, signatures, PGP and more. It supports IMAP, POP3 and Exchange mail. Operating System: Android

48. Jaspersoft

Jaspersoft, one of the most popular open source business intelligence tools, offers a free mobile app to connect users with their BI data and analytics. More information about the full solution and commercial services is available at Jaspersoft.com. Operating System: OS Independent

49. NoNonsense Notes

Track a to-do list and leave yourself notes with this a simple, attractive app. Features include reminders, password support and synchronization with Google Tasks. Source code available through GitHub. Operating System: OS Independent

50. Task Coach

Keep on track of your to do list with this hierarchical task manager. It has iOS and Android clients that sync with the desktop tool, but note that the iOS version is not truly open source because it requires a small fee to download. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, iOS, Android

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