U.S. Probes Ties Chinese Cyberspying to Military

American officials are getting ready to confront China about the issue.


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Wall Street Journal: Unnamed sources say that U.S. intelligence agencies now know which Chinese groups have been behind recent cyberspying incidents, and most of those groups have ties to the Chinese military. American diplomats have reportedly already begun meeting with Chinese officials to warn them of the consequences of economic spying, and U.S. officials are said to be preparing for a more serious confrontation.

"It's actually a small number of groups that do most of the PLA's dirty work," said cybersecurity specialist James Lewis. "NSA is pretty confident of their ability to attribute [cyberespionage] to this set of actors."

Faced with similar accusations earlier this year, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Weimin said, "Accusations that China participates in such hacking, or that the Chinese government is behind it, are totally ungrounded."

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