Senator Calls for FTC Probe Into iPhone, Android Data Privacy

Sen. Charles Schumer is considered about the possibility of apps stealing people's photos off their phones.


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PCMag: Following last week's revelations that third-party apps could access photos on iOS and Android phones without users' permission, Sen. Charles Shumer (D-NY) is calling on the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to investigate. "While they are telling you what movies are playing nearby they are also going through your files and using it for other purpose," Schumer said. "It sends shivers up the spine to think that one's personal photos, address books and who knows what else can be obtained and even posted online with the consumer's consent."

In a letter to the FTC, he wrote, "I hope you will consider launching a comprehensive investigation to explicitly determine whether copying or distributing personal information from smart phones, without a user's consent, constitutes an unfair or deceptive trade practice."

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