RIM Now Faces Legal Challenge on "BBM" Trademark

BBM Canada is suing the BlackBerry maker, but may be open to a settlement.


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Reuters: Just weeks after another trademark dispute caused the company to change the name of its new operating system, RIM has been sued for trademark infringement again. BBM Canada, which measures radio and television audience data in Canada, wants the BlackBerry maker to stop using the term "BBM" to describe its products.

BBM Canada's CEO Jim MacLeod said the company might also be willing to take a settlement to change its name. "We have to be practical, they operate worldwide, we don't. But we're not prepared to just walk from our name," he said.

In a statement, RIM said, "The services associated with RIM's BBM offering clearly do not overlap with BBM Canada's services and the two marks are therefore eligible to co-exist under Canadian trademark law. The two companies are in different industries and have never been competitors in any area."

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