Office 365 Accounts for 25% of Microsoft Office Sales, Says Analyst

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According to NPD Group analyst Stephen Baker, cloud-based Office 365 now accounts for about one quarter of Microsoft's Office suite sales. However, the new cloud-computing option, which launched two months ago, has not boosted overall sales of the software.

PC Pro's Nicole Kobie reported, "Office 365 sales have made up 25% of all Office retail sales over the past two months, according to an analyst. While a quarter of US Office 2013 customers are opting for the subscription model of the productivity suite, that hasn't boosted overall sales."

Computerworld quoted NPD's Stephen Baker, who said, "Office 365 has accounted for about 25% of the [unit] volume. Office 2013 has had about three-fourths of the retail business."

The same article also quoted Wes Miller, an analyst with Directions on Microsoft, who added, "At first blush, those numbers sound reasonably good. But it's kind of like Surface numbers. It's hard to tell whether it's good or not, since we don't know what [Microsoft] was shooting for."

According to ITProPortal's Desire Athow, "Baker reckoned that "sales [of Microsoft Office suite] compared to the same weeks in 2012 were pretty flat. But that's understandable when you haven't spent a lot of money on promotion.'"

Sam Osborne with iMediaMonkey observed, "In the US, Office 365 Home Premium costs $100 per year and can be installed on up to five Mac or Windows devices."

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