Google+ Enterprise Version and Flipboard Integration on the Way

A Google exec promotes Google+ as a "virtual watercooler."


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InfoWorld: At the LeWeb conference in London, Google's Bradley Horowitz said that his company is working on an enterprise version of Google+ that will function as a "virtual watercooler." Horowitz said, "We think that the enterprise-use case -- everyone from multinational corporations to mum-and-pop businesses -- is a fantastic opportunity for Google and Google+."

Horowitz also said that Google+ is opening its API to more third parties and revealed new integration with Flipboard. The new app allows Google+ users to see updates from their Circles through the Flipboard interface.

Google+ currently has 170 million users. "I don't think we have hit the hyper-growth phase yet ... there are things yet to be launched that will make a dramatic difference in usage," Horowitz added.

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