Adobe Flash Player Exits Android Google Play Store

The mobile HTML5 vs. Flash battle is over, and HTML5 has won.


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BBC News: Android users can no longer download Adobe's Flash Player from the Google Play app store. Adobe had previously announced plans to discontinue further development for mobile Flash technology, but the company said it intended to continue offering security updates until September 2013. It appears those plans have changed.

Many Android users expressed dismay about the disappearance of Flash. "We all understand the world is transitioning to HTML5 but cutting Flash support this early is commercial suicide," said one. "This is the single biggest difference between the Android and iOS web experience. Seemingly half the Web is still based on Flash, and my device is now powerless to view any of that content," said another.

Adobe is still developing Flash technology for desktop PCs. However, it has acknowledged that for mobile devices, HTML5 is "the best solution for creating and deploying content in the browser."

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