How to Switch from Facebook to Google+ Without Losing Touch

Google+ is better, but Facebook is more popular. These three tips enable you to be on Google+ without disconnecting from friends on Facebook.
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I've been using Google+ full time for more than a week, and to me its superiority to Facebook could not be more obvious.

Compared with Google+, Facebook feels old, stale and bogged down by problems and limitations.

Just a few examples: Facebook's EdgeRank censors most of your posts secretly, without telling you; most of your friends never see what you post. Longer posts have to be broken up awkwardly into multiple posts because Facebook imposes a 420-character limit on updates.

Because Facebook hides its feature for clumping friends into different groups, most users post everything to all friends. Facebook's settings are so confusing that most people have no idea who can see their updates. In order for your family or friends to see your status updates, they have to be Facebook members. Lame apps that other people install on Facebook spam and litter your Wall.

Google+ has none of these problems. Plus (pun intended), it has an incredibly cool HTML5 user interface and simple, clear and appealing design.

The difference between Google+ and Facebook is like the difference between Starbucks and a can of Folgers.

So quit Facebook and jump on Google+, right? Well, not so fast.

Facebook has one thing Google+ hasn't got: your mom. And your high school friends. And your ex-coworkers. And just about everyone you know.

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And that's a problem.

Despite excited predictions on both sides of the issue, Google+ won't "kill" Facebook. And Google+ won't "fail" and go away. We now live in a bi-polar social world with two networks. Google+ and Facebook will co-exist indefinitely.

What to do? Keeping using Facebook, even though it's horrible? Start using Google+ instead, even though your family and friends aren't there? Use both? Use neither? These appear to be the only four possibilities, and none of them appeal.

But there's a fifth choice: Use Google+, but stay in touch with Facebook friends without ever logging in to Facebook. Here's how to do it.

How to connect with Facebook friends from Google+

You can do all your interaction with Facebook friends just as you do with your Google+ friends on Google+ itself. Just follow my three tips:

1. Add non-members to your Google+ social network

People think Facebook has more users to connect with. But that’s a myth. In reality, you can reach anyone with an e-mail address from Google+.

In other words, Google+ lets you add anyone to your Circles (groupings of people you know, like “Family” or “Friends”), even if they're not on Google+. To add a non-member, simply click on the Circle you want to put them in and click "Add a new person." Enter the e-mail, followed by their name.

When you post something to a Circle, say, “Family,” Google+ members in that group will see your post on Google+, and non-members will see it in e-mail.

If you don't know Facebook friends’ e-mail addresses, just ask on Facebook.

2. Set up a spy bot to check Facebook, so you don’t have to.

Once you leave your Facebook friends behind, you may feel out of the loop. To avoid that, you can tell Facebook to notify you when someone posts something you may be interested in.

Choose Account Settings from the Account menu. Choose the Notifications tab, and put a check in the box of each item type you'd like to receive by e-mail. When you're done, click "Save Changes."

In the future, when you see an item from Facebook in your inbox you'd like to reply or respond to, make that response on Google+, not Facebook. Your friends who are not on Google+ will get the response as e-mail, with a link to the item and an invitation to join Google+.

Eventually, they'll probably join. The pictures are bigger and better. The messaging is better. Your friends will like Google+ Circles. Posting only on Google+ will encourage your Facebook friends to switch.


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