Windows on Mac is Virtually Possible

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In Apple's recent TV campaign, a Mac user assures a hapless Windows user there's a place for him on the Mac.

But Herndon, Va., startup Parallels is rolling out a much better welcome mat than Apple's.

Following the conclusion of a beta program it said some 100,000 testers participated in, company has released the commercial version of Parallels Desktop.

Parallels differs from Apple's Boot Camp solution (still in beta), which lets Mac users run either Windows or Mac software but not both at the same time.

Intel-based Macs running Boot Camp must be restarted to switch operating systems.

But Parallels said it has developed virtualization software that lets users run both Windows and the Mac OS. Windows must be purchased and installed separately to take advantage of either Boot Camp or Parallels.

"The core market for us is anyone with an Intel-based Mac," said Ben Rudolph, marketing director at Parallels told internetnews.com.

We live in a Windows world, but there's been this barrier for Mac users. This knocks that down so there's not to run Windows software."

But one barrier for consumers is the additional cost of buying Windows.

"It sounds great for the cognoscenti and power users, but I don't see it as the kind of thing everyday users will want to go," Stephen Baker, analyst with NPD Group, told internetnews.com.

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