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Posted September 26, 2008

Juliet Kemp

Juliet Kemp

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Now you've thought about all that, untar the Condor download into an appropriate directory. Then run condor_install from this directory. This script needs a few options:

condor_install --prefix=/dir/condor
--local-dir=/dir/condor/hosts/myserver --type=manager
This will do a "manager" type install (other types are submit and execute - a manager-only machine won't be able to submit jobs or have jobs run on it), install Condor to the /dir/condor directory (the home directory you decided on in the previous section), and set /dir/condor/hosts/myserver as the local directory for this machine.

Global configuration

The global condor_config file is divided into 4 parts. The first part is the settings that you must change. Some of these are the variables you decided on earlier (e.g. LOCAL_DIR). You also need to specify an admin email address, your local domain (e.g. example.com), and a name for your system. The config file is well-documented.

Part 2 of the file is usually safe to leave as-is, but you do need to set the HOSTALLOW_READ and HOSTALLOW_WRITE variables. You can just set then as * (i.e. any machine at all can read/write to your pool), but this is a bit of a risk. More likely you want to set these to *.example.com or whatever your domain is.

Once you're happy with the settings, make sure that you've set the environment variable CONDOR_CONFIG to the location of this file.

Next, execute /dir/condor/sbin/condor_master to start the Condor daemons - this is the daemon that starts and monitors the other daemons. It also checks for updated binaries and restarts the daemons if necessary.

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