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Free Android Apps: 50 Top Downloads

By Thor Olavsrud
February 21, 2011

Free Android apps are wonderful things. If you’re on the hunt for yet more free Android apps for your phone, here's a list of 50 free apps you should consider.

1) SlideScreen This app replaces your traditional home screen with one that shows summary information for SMS, Gmail, phone calls, Calendar, Google Reader, Stocks and Twitter, making seeing all your important information at once a snap.

2) Phonebook Looking for an alternative to manage your contacts? Phonebook displays your contacts with contextual information like missed calls, unread text messages and even birthdays.

3) aCurrency This currency converter provides exchange rates for more than 160 currencies and updates the rates hourly. Its widgets provide access to historical charts.

4) Real Estate Droid This app provides live updating information about real estate in your location. You can search for new homes, foreclosures, rentals and sublets. It also features mortgage quotes from real lenders and a mortgage calculator.

5) Wertago for Nightlife Need help keeping track of the hottest nightclubs and parties? Wertago helps you find the best places to party and coordinate with your friends.

Android apps phonebook

Phonebook Android app

6) Free Dictionary Org This simple, no-nonsense English dictionary provides definitions, synonyms, pronunciation and spelling.

7) Mobile Search Need to find a phone number or business address? This app puts the phone book at your fingertips and includes voice recognition.

8) Pocket Auctions for eBay This app provides a handy, Android-friendly eBay interface, allowing you to track and manage your auctions while on the go.

9) Save MMS Ever get a picture through an MMS text message you wish you could save for posterity? This app lets you automatically save pictures, audio and video received in MMS text messages to your SD card. You can then access the saved files from your Pictures and Music apps.

10) GPS Status & Toolbox Looking for more information from your GPS? This app displays your GPS and sensor data and provides the position and signal strength of satellites, accuracy, speed, acceleration and bearing. The app's tools include a compass with both magnetic and true north and a leveling tool.

Android apps GPS status

GPS Status Android app

11) JuiceDefender Is the battery on your Android phone consistently running on empty? JuiceDefender can help you extend it! The app intelligently manages your mobile connectivity and other battery-sensitive components to ensure your phone runs as efficiently as possible. For example, the default mode switches your phone from battery-intensive 3G mode to the less-draining 2G mode when you're not actually using the phone, and it turns of the Wi-Fi radio if the charge goes below a certain level. The Advanced Mode allows you to tune the app's triggers based on your individual needs.

12) Astrid Task Todo List Get yourself organized with this todo list app. It features tagging, timers, reminders, smart task sorting and even tracks partial progress. You can sync your todo list with Remember the Milk, which can sync with Gmail.

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