Top 40 Web-Based Mobile Apps for Any Cell

Have mobile apps, will travel: most top sites now offer a mobile-friendly version so you can better view and navigate with your cell phone.


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Are you tired of digging the Internet for mobile apps just to find that your particular phone isn't supported?

With the list of mobile apps below – the mobile version of major sites – your life is simpler. You might not have to download and store apps to your phone to get cool features and functionality.

If your phone supports web browsing, you have a plethora of mobile apps and websites you can use -- just make sure you have a data plan!

You'll find most popular websites these days have a streamed-down version of their site so you can better view and navigate using smaller screens. If you visit the usual web address from a mobile device, it usually automatically detects the device and shows you the mobile-friendly version. However, some sites might require you to bring it up with the mobile address. Also keep in mind, most mobile sites can be viewed from normal computers while some require you to be on a true mobile device.

Here are 40 mobile-friendly sites you might want to check out, neatly categorized:

Social Networking

1) Facebook:

View a mobile-friendly version of Facebook to keep up with friends and family anytime from your phone.

2) Twitter:

You can tweet and access all the other Twitter features from this mobile site.

3) MySpace:

If you're on MySpace, you can use their mobile website to keep up-to-date with your social life.

4) Flickr:

Here you can view photos and videos, share, and comment.

Searching and News

5) Google:

If you're a Google fan, don't forget about this site for all your searching needs.

6) Yahoo:

If you use Yahoo's search engine or various other services, you might want to check their mobile version.

7) MSN:

If you're a fan of Microsoft's portal, check this out.

8) USA Today:

Stay on top of the national news with the mobile version of USA Today.

9) CNN:

If you're a CNN fan, visit their site to stay up-to-date with the news.

10) MapQuest:

If you've adopted MapQuest as your source of directions and maps, you can visit their site.

11) YouTube:

Here's a site for you video junkies! Browse new videos, search for your favorites, or upload your own.

12) TMZ:

Stay on top of the celebrity news and gossip with TMZ Mobile.

13) MarketWatch:

Here you can check stock quotes, read news, and stay on top of the market from your phone.

Directories and Portals

14) Cantoni:

This is a hand-crafted directory of mobile-friendly websites. Browse through the 11 categories to discover more mobile sites.

15) Wazobi:

This is a directory of user-submitted mobile sites you can search and browse through. You'll find more than just the popular sites.

16) Yellow Pages:

Don't rummage through the thick phone book. Quickly find the address and contact info for any business or place by typing the name and a city or zip.

17) Restaurant Row:

Need to find a restaurant for a date? Or are you already in town searching for food? Use this site to find a restaurant, view their details, and any reviews.

18) TV Guide:

Have you become too dependant on your DVR service? When you're out, you can use TV Guide to review the TV listings, read recaps, get SMS text reminders, and keep up with the entertainment news.

19) Wikipedia:

If you've ever done any researching online, you've probably visited the user-generated encyclopedia, called Wikipedia. This is their mobile-friendly site.

20) Dictionary:

Need to look up a definition or spelling of a word? Use this mobile dictionary.

Personal Productivity

21) Gmail:

If you use Google's Gmail, use this site to check your email from your phone's browser.

22) Food Network:

Next time you're out and about and need cooking advice, here's the site you need to visit. Reference a recipe when shopping or browse through them for ideas.

23) Skweezer:

This site provides a utility that converts normal websites into mobile-friendly web pages by rearranging the contents and giving you better text-based navigation.

Fun and Enjoyment

24) Netflix:

If you have a Netflix account, use this mobile site to find movies, manage your queue, and write reviews.

25) ESPN:

If you're a sports fan, use this site to check scores, schedules, game highlights, and more.

26) Sports Illustrated:

If you're a fan of the Sports Illustrated magazine, you ought to check out this site.

27) Mobile Stream Center:

Most phones don't feature a FM radio, but you can use this site to listen to most stations via Internet streams. Search for or browse through your favorite local or out-of-town station.

28) Moviefone:

Here's a site specifically for looking up movies details and show times, right from the palm of your hand.

29) AOL Mobile Games:

Next time you're waiting around, don't just fiddle your thumbs; start a mobile game! No need to download, they're web-based so you can also play on the computer.

30) TLC:

If you watch any of TLC's programming, check out their site for listings, blogs, and additional coverage on your favorite shows.

31) Mobile TV:

If you aren't around a television, you still might be able to catch your favorite show, newscast, or game.

32) Discovery Channel:

If you're a Discovery Channel fan, check out their fan sites, schedules, and more.


33) AAA: AAA.Mobi

Search among AAA approved listings and discounts, view local events, and access other AAA services from the palm of your hand.

34) National Weather Service:

Don't wait till the local news broadcast, or until you find a computer; check the weather from your phone. See current conditions, radar, satellite, detailed forecast, and emergency info.

35) Orbitz:

If you use Orbitz to manage your traveling, check out their mobile site.

36) Expedia:

If you're a Expedia fan, here's their cell-friendly site.

37) Travelocity:

Yet another travel management site you might be interested in.


38) Amzaon:

Shop for or research books, electronics, toys, and much more, right from your phone.

39) eBay:

Search the auctions and stores. Plus access your account: view any items you're watching, buying, won, didn't win selling, sold, or unsold.

40) PayPal:

Login to your account to view your PayPal balance, send money, set or change your PIN, and more.

Eric Geier is a freelance tech writer. He has authored many networking and computing books for brands like For Dummies and Cisco Press.

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