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16) SkyGrid: This app serves your interests. Stay up to date on any interest you want to follow, whether a sports team, celeb, or major event.

17) Taptu: This social news reader lets you add your Facebook, Twitter, and the content from your favorite site to create a personalized news stream.

18) TechWire: For the serious tech-heads, there’s TechWire. This app lets you get updates from all your favorite tech blogs in one app.

19) The Times of India: Get the latest news from India, including local news from over 30 cities and live cricket scores. Be sure to check out the vibrant photo galleries.

20) Today’s News 2: For distraction-free news reading, check out this app. It offers a sparse design and content optimized for viewing.

21) Trove: This personalized news aggregation services culls news from over 10,000 sources across the Web.

22) USA Today: Get the latest from the United States' most colorful news source. This app offers current stories from the news, money, sports, and life sections.

23) The Wall Street Journal: While the app is free, you'll need to register to access all the free content. And to get absolutely everything, you'll need to be a subscriber.

24) Washington Post: For a limited time, readers can enjoy a complimentary full-access subscription to the Washington Post.

iPad Apps: Free Magazines

iPad app for free news, TV, movies, weather, entertainment

iPad App for Flipboard

25) Flipboard: Named Apple’s iPad App of the Year, Flipboard offers a fast and beautify way to flip through the news, photos, and updates your friends are sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and more.

26) Flud: More than a paper or magazine, Flu is a personalized ecosystem that lets readers engage with and broadcast content that’s relevant to their social network.

27) iReddit: Harness the power of crowds to find interesting content. With this official Reddit app, you’ll never be bored again.

28) Mashable: This official app offers the latest from Mashable.com, which blogs on Web 2.0 and social media news.

29) The Monthly: Download this app for Australia's political and cultural magazine and you'll get one back issue for free. Other issues will cost you $3.99 each.

30) The Nation: You can get one issue of the U.S.'s leading liberal news magazine for free by downloading this app. Later issues are either $.99 or $1.99 each, with discounts for six- or twelve-month subscriptions.

31) Newsweek: Downloading the free Newsweek app gets you a special digital edition called "Politics in the Age of Obama." If you want more, weekly issues go for $2.99 each.

32) Politico: Politics junkies, this one is for you. The easy-to-navigate layout makes it easy to stay up-to-day on all the issues that matter to you.

33) Slate: This online magazine offers informed coverage and commentary on politics, news, and culture.

iPad Apps: Free TV

iPad app for free news, TV, movies, weather, entertainment

iPad App for Chicago ABC TV

34) ABC7Chicago: Denizens of the windy city will appreciate having Chicago-area news from a hometown TV news source.

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