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No one bought the iPod Touch with the intent of making it their new, primary videogame device. Yet it happened and the iPod is an excellent video game platform that’s only just beginning to see its own potential. The iPad is following close in its stead.

It is not necessarily that the iOS platforms are the best possible mobile videogame devices. But they are purchased for other purposes and are "good enough" for most of the gaming population. What the Wii wanted to be for consoles, the iPod truly did for mobile gaming.

AppleTV Poised for Console Market

The AppleTV is now perfectly poised to do the same thing for the console market that the iPod did for mobile gaming.

As more and more game makers focus on the iOS platform it will become increasingly apparent that the AppleTV, sitting already attached to many television monitors all over the world, is a video game console already purchased and ready to go.

What the Wii did in the last generation for the console the AppleTV is ready to do for the next. Nintendo already proved that the largest segment of the video gaming market is primarily casual gamers who are not significantly concerned with having the latest, most powerful platform or the best games.

The AppleTV could provide an even less expensive gaming console with more features than the Wii. It could be far more attractive for developers who can utilize the same resources that they use to make games for all of Apple's other iOS platforms.

Almost overnight, Apple has made the basis for a video gaming ecosystem that can rival nearly any in existence today. And, of course, in time the AppleTV platform will get more and more powerful. It will catch up to the more expensive video game consoles, making it increasingly eligible as a serious platform contender for hard core console gamers.

Apple has a lot of pokers in the iOS fire but, if executed correctly, the potential is immense.

It will take a few years for Apple to completely phase out the long standing Mac family and users will be resistant, if only for nostalgic reasons. Apple has a few versions of Mac OSX up their sleeves yet, but I believe that the march towards a unified platform under the iOS banner is inevitable.

iOS represents the future, not only for Apple but for much of the industry. It offers lower power consumption, ease of use and a minimum of different parts between many different devices. I, for one, am very excited to see what Apple can do with such a tightly integrated ecosystem. I believe that Apple has more opportunity to do great things with iOS than it ever did with the Mac platform. This could truly be a dawning of great things for Apple and a paradigm shift for end users.

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