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Posted December 30, 2010

Troy Dreier

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36) Viewer for Axis Cams ($4.99):

Got an Axis security camera? Use this app to view and control it.

37) Viewer for Mobotix Cams ($4.99):

If you have a Mobotix camera set up (or multiple cameras), use this app to view video streams and save snapshots.

38) Vivotek Cams ($4.99):

You can view up to 100 networked Vivotek cameras with this app, which works faster than the company’s browser interface.

39) Y-Cams ($4.99):

View your networked Y-Cam IP cameras, then save snapshots of what you see. The app includes demo cam links to help you get started.

iPad Apps: Alarms

iPad Security Apps
40) Alarm Security ($.99):

Arm your iPad with this alarm system. When you iPad is moved, this app produces the loud alarm of your choosing.

41) Alarm System HD ($1.99):

Keep thieving hands off your iPad. When this alarm is in place, your iPad will produce an alarm sound and a flashing light when it’s moved.

42) Alarmomatic ($.99):

Most alarm apps have a flaw, in that pressing the Home button will shut down the app. But Alarmomatic continues to produce a tone for a short while after the Home button is hit.

43) Security System ($.99):

Several apps can produce an alarm when they sense motion, but this one also detects noise. Set an alarm to go off if someone makes a noise near it.

44) SuperAlarm ($1.99):

Keep prying eyes off your iPad with this app, which works with iPhones and iPod Touches, as well.

IPad Apps: Loss and Theft Prevention

iPad Security Apps
45) Barking Dog Home Security (Free):

There’s no security system like a loud dog, and with this app your neighbors will think you have one.

46) Bluetooth Tether (Free):

This app creates a virtual tether between your iPhone and iPad. When they’re out of range of each other, an alarm rings on both.

47) Guard Dog for iPad ($.99):

This motion sensing-app will produce realistic barking dog sounds when your iPad is moved.

48) iHound Tracker ($3.99):

With this tracking apps, you’ll always know where your iPad (and the person carrying it) are. The purchase gets you 90-days of service; a full year of service is $10.99.

49) McAfee Global Threat Intelligence Mobile (Free):

Be in the know. With this app, you can know about new malware threats immediately.

50) SmrtgGuard Mobile Security (Free):

Don’t lose your valuable data. This app lets you wirelessly backup and restore your information.

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