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Posted December 30, 2010

Troy Dreier

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18) Private Eyes ($7.99):

What goes on at your home computer when you’re not around? This app will discretely tell you.

19) Safe ($5.99):

Safe lets you protect any type of data—even images, something you rarely see—using 256-bit encryption.

20) Safe Wallet ($2.99):

Use this app to store any type of personal information, then synchronize and backup your data to your desktop computer.

21) Secure Web Browsing ($.99):

Surf the Web on your iPad and don’t worry about leaving any history or cookies behind.

22) Secure Web Browsing Pro ($1.99):

Upgrade to this Pro version if you want to password protect the app, so that you can safely bookmark favorite sites and use cookies.

iPad Apps: Cameras

iPad Security Apps
23) Cam Viewer ($5.99):

Monitor your security cameras with this app, which supports pan, tilt, and zoom controls.

24) D-Link Cams ($4.99):

Monitor your home or business’s D-Link cameras, and save snapshots of crucial events.

25) External Camera Pro ($.99):

Use your iPad to view live video created remotely on an iPhone.

26) EyeSeeU ($4.99):

Use this app to monitor up to six security cameras at one time.

27) iCam ($4.99):

This popular security cam viewer will send you push notifications when it detects movement.

28) ICRSS ($29.99):

One of the best-rated security camera apps, this lets you access and control IC Realtime DVR cameras and IP cameras from your iPad.

29) IP Camera Viewer ($2.99):

This security camera viewer supports a wide variety of camera makers, and includes zoom, pan, and tilt commands.

30) Linksys Cams ($4.99):

You can view and control up to 100 Linksys cameras with this app. It also lets you save snapshots.

31) Live Cams HD ($1.99):

This full service app lets you control dozens of types of cams, and view over 3,000 public camera streams.

32) MobileCamViewer Enterprise ($349):

Use this pricey app to view six cameras at once. It also lets multiple viewers watch the same video stream.

33) Panasonic Cams ($4.99):

View video streams from Panasonic video cameras, then save snapshots.

34) ProCamPlus HD ($47.99):

This app lets you view an unlimited number of cams, and there’s no account for you to set up.

35) Sony IP Cams ($4.99):

This app makes it fast and easy to control and view Sony networked cameras.

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