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Posted December 20, 2010

James Maguire

James Maguire

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39) Angry Birds Lite

This game is wildly popular. You have a heavy weight on your shoulders: you're responsible for the survival of the angry birds. It’s time for some revenge on the green pigs. Cost: Free. (But I’ve heard the .99 paid version is well worth it.)

40) Solitaire

The classic game, needing no other companions to play. A favorite of those who are stuck in airports, not to mention cubicles. Deep question: Who are you cheating when you cheat at Solitaire? Cost: Free.

41) Age of Legends

“Heroes get remembered, but legends never die.” So claims the Age of Legends, the game environment that transports you to the battle-torn lands of Nekuria, where – depending your skill, courage and wit – timeless glory or an ignominious end await you. Take courage! Cost: Free.

angry birds ipad app

The Angry Birds iPad app

42) Smiley Drop

Test your reflexes and your ability to aim by playing Smiley Drop, that game that challenges you to do more than fire and forget – you have to think and strategize to make the most from your efforts. Cost: Free.

48) Words With Friends

This crossword game is a leading word game for the iPhone/iPad platform. It has a design that allows you to play as many as 20 games simultaneously. Need a quick game? Invite friends through Facebook or Twitter. Cost: Free.

43) Star Wars: Imperial Academy

Whoa, Darth Vader is back. As you compete against other struggling recruits in the multi-player battle, do you have the wits and strength to earn your stripes as an elite Strom Trooper? Great visuals, great fun. Cost: Free.

44) Adventure Bay

Ahoy matey, are you ready to live the life of a pirate? Create an exotic island world from over 100 items: Buried treasure, hungry alligators, tropical islands. Your obstacle (among others): those colonial guards. Cost: Free.

Adventure Bay ipad app

The Adventure Bay iPad app

45) Flight Deck

Are you up for being the Air Boss? Interesting graphics, aircraft carrier sound effects, and atmospheric background music to place you in the soaring scene. Whoosh! Play the game at the usual speed, or use the fast forward feature to move things faster. Cost: Free.

46) Real Soccer 2011

Life-like motion capture technology enables this iPad app to offer some of the most authentically realistic movements of soccer players as they run, kick, defend, score. Plus: relive soccer history by replaying some famous matches. Wouldn’t you like to change the results of some of the sport’s most famous games? Cost: Free.

47) Samurai II: Dojo

Ultra-fast fight sequences keep you on guard at all moments – can you conquer the enemy hordes? New weapons, dynamic screen angles, intense visuals. Wap! Bam! Swoosh! Adding to the spirit, the soundtrack builds with the battle sequences. Cost: Free.

Eenies ipad app

The Eenies iPad app

48) Cops & Robbers

Grab the loot and then…run! Flee the law though the cityscape, leaping rooftops, back alleys, dangerous curves. Use your special skills – you’re an acrobat on the lam, dazzling onlookers as you make your way to safety. Cost: Free.

49) Pogo Games

A treasure chest of games: Word Whomp, Turbo 21, Mahjong Safari, Sweet Tooth2. Keep track as you play, pushing your total higher as you score ever more. Cost: Free.

50) Eenies

Customize your Avatars and be aware! Shift your strategy as the landscape shifts – stay a step ahead of your enemies – or else! Set up a massive multiplayer battle. You’ll never have time to be productive again! Cost: Free.

51) Red Conquest!

Command your fleet as the epic intergalactic battles rages between the forces of Blue and Red. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll appreciate the advanced macro- and micromanagement options for tactical warfare. Be victorious in deep space! Cost: Free.

52) Doodle Fit

It looks simple, but is it? Position all the blocks within a given shape – you’re not done until you fill all the space. But be careful, some call this “addictive.” Cost: Free.

aircoaster ipad app

The Aircoaster iPad app

53) Geared

A puzzle game that touts its absolute lack of a fixed snap-grid. Every puzzle offers a dazzling array of choices. We hope you don’t have to get anything done today. Cost: Free .

54) Fruit Ninja

Can you swipe your finger fast enough to slice the flying fruit? But wait – can you do that and avoid the bombs at the same time? Includes multi-player functionality. Cost: $.99.

55) AirCoaster

A 3D rollercoaster in an iPad app. Download thousands of rides, or create your own rollercoaster rides, as wild as you can imagine it: One finger rotates, another zooms and pans. Then get on and ride. Whoopee! Cost: $0.99.

56) Real Racing HD

Vroom! This iPad app's realistic, detailed visuals provide a sense of speed as you whip around the track – 48 cars, 76 events, 12 tracks. Touch or tilt your steering wheel to grip the track and beat the competition. Choose cockpit or external camera view. Plus: join a global online league. Cost: $9.99.

57) Orbital HD

An award-winning game with eye-catching visuals, loved by those who want to jazz up their spare moments with an iPad-induced challenge. Use your canon to shot orbs into a grid; the orb you fire will expand until it contacts a wall of another grid. Easy? You might think so – but don’t let your orb touch the death line! Cost: $2.99.

58) SCRABBLE for iPad

Scrabble: you know it, you love it. Play your favorite word game in full color HD-quality with this iPad app. Connect through Facebook. Love Scrabble? This version lets you play up to 25 games at the same time. (That’s enough, isn’t it?) Cost: $0.99.

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