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Posted November 24, 2010

Mike Elgan

Mike Elgan

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4. If all that fails to solve the problem, check with your PC vendor and see about upgrading your warranty. Often, a better warranty can involve a trouble-shooting house-call, and guarantees of resolution, even if the company has to replace the entire system.

5. And if that doesn't work, you might want to think about replacing the PC. How about an Apple iPad? First, it's cheaper than most full-fledged laptops. Second, it has a solid-state drive, which eliminates some hard-disk-related issues. Third, it's very buttoned down and user-proofed. Unlike a Windows PC, it doesn't continuously become fouled up by use. And fourth, it can be easily carried to an Apple Store, where a real-person at the Genius Bar can give both help and feedback.

If you need full-fledged PC, make sure you get a laptop with a solid-state drive and the maximum warranty and support package. Since you’re frustrated by tech support issues, you need to emphasize reliability and support for the next purchase.

Q: "My Internet connection won't connect."

A: Wireless routers are great for people who know how to trouble-shoot and configure them. But since you're not one of those people, you'll either need help or an alternative. If you've already called your Internet service provider without getting a successful result, try switching to another. If you're dealing with the phone company, talk to the cable company, or visa versa.

If you've got only one PC in the house, think about getting a laptop with mobile broadband. It's more expensive, but there are advantages. First, you can go anywhere and you'll always have a connection. From a tech support perspective, everything relating to the connection is inside the device. That means it's supported either by the cell phone company or by the same people who support your device.

And finally, have you thought about buying an iPad? They have a version with mobile broadband, which means you don't need a wireless router at all. If it doesn’t connect, for some reason, you can take it to either the AT&T or Apple stores.

Q: "What gadget should I get someone as a gift?"

A: Get them an iPad. The reason is that the iPad isn't a single gadget. It's thousands of devices, depending on which apps you download. It's a fool-proof gift because everyone can use it, and because it can be used to pursue any interest. If that's too expensive or big, get them an iPad nano, otherwise known as an iPod Touch. It's a great gift, and for the same reason.

So there you have it: My holiday family tech support survival guide. Good luck, and happy holidays!

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