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Posted October 28, 2010

Troy Dreier

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35) iPushIt ($.99): Do you still pay for SMS or MMS? Cut your bills down by using this app to text for free.

36) Jelly SMS ($4.99): Use this to send free or low-coast international text messages from your iPad.

37) Smart Group ($1.99): Use this to manage contact groups. With just a tap you can text the whole group at once.

38) My-Cool-SMS ($1.99): Send international text messages. This app offers low rates that will have you saving on your phone bill.

39) TextExpander ($4.99): This time-saving app lets you type out notes by using short abbreviations that expand into long snippets. Then, send your notes using copy and paste.

40) TXTcrypt (Free): Start passing secret notes. With this app, you can password-encrypt text messages, which can then be read only by someone who knows the password.

Social Networking iPad Apps

41) Twitter (Free): Find out what’s going on right now, anywhere in the world, with the official Twitter iPad app.

42) Friendly ($.99): Use this app to chat on Facebook, and also view photos or view and respond to events.

43) TwitBird Pro ($2.99): This Twitter client uses in-app badges to show you the number of unread tweets, and works in landscape mode.

ipad app for communication

The Twitter iPad app

44) Chattero for Facebook ($1.99): Engage in real-time Facebook chat using iChat-style speech bubbles.

45) AIM for iPad (Free): The classic chat client has added social networking tools, including Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter integration.

46) Gowalla (Free): Explore the world around you. This app gives users a graphical way to find local hot spots and share them.

47) GetGlue (Free) Check-in and rate movies, TV shows, music, and books. Then, see what your friends have recommended.

48) Tweet (Free): This customizable Twitter clients lets you change the color to whatever you prefer, and lets power users view up to 16 columns at once.

49) Loopt Pulse (Free): Use this app to browse photos and maps, then share your discoveries with your friends.

50) QQ (Free): This instant messenger lets users keep in touch with old friends, while simultaneous making new ones.

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