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Posted October 28, 2010

Troy Dreier

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17) Facebook Chat+ ($.99): This simple, good-looking program lets you talk to your friends on Facebook Chat. Check out the animated smileys.

18) TextPlus (Free): This app offers free and unlimited texting to anyone in the U.S. and Canada, even if they’re not running the app.

19) Facebook Chat Pro ($1.99): Do more while you’re chatting, like watch movies, browse the Net, and play music.

20) IM+ Pro ($9.99): This giant all-in-one app works with GTalk, Yahoo, MSN/Live Messenger, AIM/iChat, ICQ, MySpace, Skype, and many more.

21) LimeChat ($4.99): This fully-featured IRC client allows you to chat on the go in the same way you do on the desktop

22) Colloquy ($1.99): Built on the Chat Core framework, this app supports push notifications, common IRC commands, and landscape mode.

23) Chat App Lite (Free): This multi-user Bluetooth-enabled chat app has a fun, multi-colored interface that makes it clear who in the group is talking.

24) Assistive Chat ($24.99): This communication tool is meant for people who have difficulty with speech. It’s designed to be simple and efficient, needing fewer taps to type a message.

25) OneTeam for Gtalk ($.99): Keep in contact with friends and coworkers. This messaging client works with GTalk/Gmail accounts.

26) United MSN ($2.99): This is a business grade MSN Messenger client that lets you keep in touch over Wi-Fi or 3G.

27) Idle Chat Gold XL ($.99): This chat app places you in a chat room with other users based on their location and age.

28) G-Whizz Pro ($4.99): This app lets you access 18 Google mobile sites, and also access Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. It includes Google Talk notifications.

29) BeejiveIM ($9.99): The top instant messenger program for the iPad, this supports nearly every IM protocol.

30) Air Gtalk HD (Free): This app for Google Talk lets you contact your coworkers any time you like.

Texting/SMS/MMS iPad Apps

ipad app for communication

The iTim iPad app

31) iTim ($.99): Hurry to get this all-in-one MMS/SMS app for only $.99, far less than the $9.99 standard price.

32) TextNow (Free): Free for a limited time, this app gives you your own phone number and lets you forward calls and receive voicemail with your number.

33) iTextSpeed ($.99): Not a text app, but a learning game. This app teaches you to text faster and charts your progress.

34) Free Texting and Free SMS ($1.99): This app, as you can guess, lets you text for free, and even position your iPad in landscape mode so you can get a bigger keyboard.

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