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38) Glow Hockey 2 HD ($1.99): This neon air hockey game is perfect for family fun. The controls are surprisingly responsive, which is great for fast play.

39) Labyrinth 2 HD ($7.99): Use balance to guide your ball past the holes, and watch out for crazy obstacles.

40) Modern Conflict HD ($2.99): This combat strategy game lets you tap to select units, then send them off to battle.

41) Need for Speed Shift ($12.99): You can't go fast on the highway, but with this detailed racing game you can cruise in the world's fastest cars.

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Pac-Match Party

42) Pac-Match Party ($1.99): When you need a little old-fashioned arcade fun, try this one. It's a classic "match three" game, but with a Pac-Man twist.

43) Plants vs. Zombies HD ($9.99): In this PopCap hit, zombies are attacking your home and you need to use killer plants to slow then down.

44) Sudoku Uno ($1.99): Play an unlimited number of Sudoku challenges with this game, which includes three levels of difficulty.

45) Shrek Forever After: The Game ($4.99): Fight your way through Shrek's last big-screen adventure with great combat action.

46) Sheep Blockade ($1.99): One of the cuter logic puzzles around, Sheep Blockage has you protecting your flock from wolves and sickness-spreading swamps.

47) Scrabble for iPad ($9.99): The old games are back and now there are no pieces to lose. Use the Party Play mode to compete with four friends.

48) Tafl ($3.99): Tafl was a board game played by Celts and Vikings, and it involves plenty of strategic thinking as you attempt to capture the opponent's king.

49) Tap Tap Radiation (Free): This iPad version of the iPhone game includes music by Mos Def, Lady Gaga, and Pink.

50) Words with Friends ($2.99): In this Scrabble-like game, you can play against remote opponents and even chat with them.

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