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Posted October 20, 2009

Troy Dreier

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Mobile Banking on AT&T (free): If you're a customer of U.S. Bank, Citi Cards, SunTrust, Regions, or USAA, you can use this app to view your account balances and pay bills.

Quicken Online Mobile (free): Take control of your finances with the best-selling personal finance software.

Social Networking iPhone Apps

Is social networking important when building a business? You bet it is. Winbush relied heavily on Facebook, for example, to keep in touch with clients and partners.

business iphone apps

AIM ($2.99): The top instant messaging client now offers push notifications, so you'll see when you get a message even if the app isn't running.

Facebook (free): Stay connected with friends and colleagues with the current top social network.

Linked In (free): Tap into your professional network wherever you go. You can view contact or biographical info, or search for a contact.

Loopt (free): This visual social networking app lets you see on a map where your contacts are.

Skype (free): Make free Skype-to-Skype calls and discounted calls to landlines and mobile phones.

Tweetie 2 ($2.99): The current top Twitter app, Tweetie 2 offers an attractive interface and a host of advanced features.

Business Building iPhone Apps

You can monitor a variety of advanced business-building tools from your iPhone.

business iphone apps

Analytics Agent Pro ($2.99): View and manage your Google Analytics data.

Entrepreneur ($4.99): Follow the steps in this app to raise venture capital for a start up.

SEO Search Ranking ($1.99): Monitor your site's search engine rankings for various keywords.

Sign Here ($4.99): The templates in this app let you create and sign business documents from your iPhone.

Venture Cap Pro ($2.99): This financial app will help you with complex formulas on growth equity and venture capital analysis.

Office Tools iPhone Apps

Flying across the country? Who needs a laptop when you've got an iPhone and these office apps.

Cisco WebEx Meeting Center (free): Use this app to attend, schedule, start, and cancel WebEx meetings.

iTalk Recorder Premium ($1.99): This voice recorder is ad-free, and it lets you choose from three recording levels and append a new session to an existing recording.

PDF Reader Pro Edition ($1.99): This powerful PDF reader offers landscape mode, the ability to jump to a page, and bookmarking.

QuickOffice Mobile Office Suite ($9.99): Get more done away from the office: this portable version does almost everything your desktop office suite can do.

Scanner Pro ($6.99): Your iPhone becomes a portable scanner with this app. It can even handle multi-page documents.

business iphone apps

Amos Winbush, founder of CyberSynchs

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