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31) Clockin ($.99):
This time management app lets you track your work time, even for multiple clients.

32) E*Trade Mobile Pro (free):
This stock app now lets you create personal stock alerts and have them pushed to you, even when the app isn't running.

33) Impact PDF Notebook 3.0 ($7.99):
Create or view PDF documents.

34) Text Editor Pro 3.0 ($9.99):
Create documents, then store them in a hierarchical folder system.

35) vCard! ($.99):
Exchange your contact information over a Bluetooth connection.

36) ZeptoPad 3.0 ($19.99):
This whiteboard app now offers the ability to share your drawing space with other ZeptoPad users.


37) GeneIndexAF ($1.99):
This app provides resources for people studying the human genome.

38) Geometry Touch ($.99):
A homework helper for students who could use a geometry study guide.


39) AIM ($2.99):
This well-known instant messaging tool now offers push notifications.

40) BeejiveIM 3.0 with Push ($9.99):
This IM client works with a variety of services and now supports push notifications.

41) Bluchat ($.99):
Chat with other people over a Bluetooth network. No WiFi needed.

42) QuickPigeon (free):
Send messages to a person or a group, now with push notifications.

43) RIFtext Mobile Dating (free):
A social app for meeting people who share your interests.

44) Textfree Unlimited ($5.99):
Skip the texting charges. This app lets you text for no extra fees and now supports push notifications.

45) Truphone OS 3.0 (free):
Save money with VOIP calling. It works with Skype and Google Talk.

46) Twittelator Pro ($4.99):
This ultimate Twitter client lets you record and edit video (with the iPhone 3GS), as well as audio clips and photos.


47) AP Mobile (free):
Push notifications now let you know about breaking news when it happens.

48) Pollen (free):
A simple pollen count display for U.K. residents, now with push notifications for the next day.

49) Umbrella ($1.99):
Know the weather before you leave. This weather app offers push notifications.

50) WeatherAlert ($.99):
A weather notifier that uses push to keep you updated about alerts in your area.

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