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5) iPhone Apps: Noises and Odd Sounds

Absolutely Annoying ($1.99):
A collection of 12 terrible sounds.

Annoying (free):
Sounds guaranteed to annoy those around you.

Annoying Sounds ($.99):
A collection of 16 sounds that will put your teeth on edge.

i-Horn ($.99):
Surprise people with your own air horn.

Pester ($.99):
Play an assortment of shrill, high-frequency sounds.

Sound Grenade (free):
You'll blow out some eardrums with this headache-inducing noise.

6) iPhone Apps: Complete Timewasters

Big Mouth ($.99):
Load friends' pictures and make them say what you want them to say.

Face Changer ($1.99):
Morph your photos simply by dragging a finger.

Lightsaber Unleashed (free):
Swing your iPhone like a lightsaber.

Moo (free):
Remember those old toys that a made a mooing cow noise?

The Moron Test ($.99):
Test yourself and your friends to see if you're complete idiots.

Pie in the Face ($.99):
Throw a virtual pie at someone you have a photo of.

Portable Masks ($.99):
Use your iPhone to make a pretend carnival mask.

Stereogram ($.99):
Unfocus your eyes to see 3D pictures in these patterns.

Virtual Mouth Videos ($1.99):
Place these on-screen mouths over your own to amuse your friends.

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