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3) iPhone Apps: Humor

iBeer Updated ($.99):
Drink a virtual beer on your handheld.

iBug ($2.99):
Let a bug skittle across your screen.

iDumb ($.99):
Five mini-games that do nothing to improve your intelligence.

Zips ($.99):
Put a photo of your choice behind an on-screen zipper.

Zits & Giggles ($.99):
A game that challenges you to restore that not-so-great facial complexion.

4) iPhone Apps: Perfectly Useless

Bubble Snap (free):
Pop virtual bubble wrap.

Cigar ($.99):
Puff on a pretend cigar.

Eternal Flame ($.99):
Not the Bangles song, but an on-screen flame that's eternal until you turn the app off.

iSmoke ($.99):
Virtual cigar too strong for you? Try this virtual pipe.

Martian Madness (free):
Experience the old squeeze toy on your iPhone.

Mirror ($.99):
This mirror looks a lot like a blank iPhone screen.

Nothing ($.99):
Truth in advertising, this app is really nothing.

Snow (free):
Let the snow fly on your iPhone screen.

That's What She Said Pro ($.99):
Punctuate your daily life with this irritating catch phrase.

Virtual Zippo Lighter (free):
Maybe you can use it to light a friend's virtual cigar.

Bouncy ($.99):
A hand bounces around the screen looking for something to do.

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