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This leads to the user group that probably won’t like the new iPhone much better than the old one: people who do a lot of email or messaging on their phones and currently have, or want, phones with keyboards.

One interesting device that currently won’t work with the iPhone is the upcoming Redfly, which could revolutionize how a smart phone is used and actually allow it to truly replace a laptop. Check out this video. Currently it’s Windows Mobile 6.1 only but that could change now that Apple has opened their platform up a bit. While the iPhone’s improvements will dramatically improve web experiences and the device will interface much better with corporate email systems, it still lacks the thumb keyboard that BlackBerry and Windows Mobile users have become addicted to. And until the device addresses this, it will probably not be acceptable to most who currently are addicted to a Blackberry-like device.

Be aware, however, that it is likely that Apple will eventually address this keyboard disadvantage and that device may be worth waiting for.

Tidbits of iPhone Advice

Oh, if you have a tendency to leave your phone in public places or drop your phone a lot you won’t have it long. These things are clear targets for thieves and I can’t tell you the numbers of them I’ve seen with broken screens so, if you get one, make sure you get a protective cover like those offered from Otterbox.

It seems that mostly these are dropped when folks are rushing to pull it out of their pocket or purse or when they share them with others and the other folks drop them. Trust me when I say there are few things sadder than a brand new iPhone with a broken screen. By the way, it’s not just the iPhone; anything with a large screen is likely to be fragile.

In addition, if you like to watch a lot of videos on the device you may want to pick up the extended battery made by Mophie, called the Juice Pack. It costs $100 but can add substantially to the battery life of the phone.

Wrapping Up

You aren’t buying an MP3 player; you are buying a phone that your business and life may depend upon. Approach the decision accordingly and put in place the proper protection and you’ll be happy regardless of whether you buy the iPhone or some other high profile phone.

But do try to avoid being the very first unless you are really willing to share the initial pain that often goes with technology products when they are first brought to market.

In addition there are clear alternatives this round that might make a better choice. For instance, the new Samsung Glyde.might be better for those who are power email users. Also, the forthcoming Asus 3.5G M536, Lamborghini, and RIM Blackberry Bold phones may be worth waiting for as well.

Still, with what is expected to be a sharp price drop for the iPhone, allowing it to sell in the $200 range, you may not care. In any case, take your time, and buy smart as you’ll be living with this decision for the next two years of your phone contract.

As the first buyers of the iPhone unfortunately found out, being first has its disadvantages and by October your choices, at the very least, will be much more interesting.

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