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You might think it's inappropriate to talk to your eyewear during meetings. But that will change.
Posted August 14, 2013

Mike Elgan

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A Google Glass app called GlassWedgies lets you conduct instant polls on Google+ and Twitter, and get real-time feedback on the answer. For example, during the meeting you can tap the app and ask a yes-or-no question like: "Should we move parking spaces to install a company basketball court?"

GlassWedgies will send to the Google+ circle or Twitter account of your choice with a link to a page where recipients can vote. As they do so, the results appear in your Glass viewer with both a graphical representation of the voting, plus the numbers.

You can crowdsource decisions or poll co-workers and get the answer instantly. Imagine the power of simply asking a question out loud and getting poll results filled in before your very eye.

Conference In Remote Meeting Participants With Google Glass

It's great to be able to connect remote participants to your meeting through video conferencing. But in order for that to happen, you have to be in a conference room with the right equipment.

What about rooms without such equipment? What about ad hoc meetings at the water cooler, in the hallway or during lunch?

Google Glass lets you instantly video conference in up to nine additional people into the meeting. They see what you see and hear what you hear. That works great for small meetings, because you'll be looking at the speaker. By turning your head to look, you'll always point the camera at the speaker as well.

They can give their input, which you can relay to the group in the live meeting.

Why Google Glass Improves Meetings

One reason meetings are inefficient is that they require a lot of mental gear shifting. When you're presenting, you have to stop focusing on the audience in order to read your notes. When you're in the audience, you have to stop focusing on the speaker in order to take notes. And often, you’re cut off from people outside the meeting when you need fast input from them.

Google Glass is probably more than a year away from shipping, yet already Glassware exists that fix these common meeting problems.

I can’t wait to see what meeting-enhancing apps emerge by the time Google Glass is available to everyone.

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