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Essential techniques to improve the performance of your Android phone, including avoiding Android slowdown and data overages.
Posted November 9, 2015

Matt Hartley

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My phone, for example, tends to chew through the battery's charge when I'm at home. This is because my mobile carrier has recently sold off many of its local towers and my phone has to work harder to locate a signal at my house.

So what if neither of those two options match up? Then the next step is to see which app is running your battery down. From your settings, visit the Battery section. In most cases, your number one battery drain should be the screen. In my case, however, it turned out to be a process called mdnsd.

To most people, this might not be that helpful. But because I monitor my battery status weekly, I knew instantly it was caused by an app I use to forward my SMS to an Android tablet. Each SMS that comes through, is forwarded...all day long. And folks, I get a ton of messages throughout the day.

In your case, however, perhaps it’s an app like Facebook or Google Plus. These apps are the ones that cause the battery to drain most of the time. Other examples might be a ticker app for stocks or weather. If these apps are set to update too frequently or simply have buggy code, then you may see these draining your battery. Once you've narrowed down the app causing the issue, simply uninstall it or do a force quit, then decide if you're going to allow it to run in the background from Settings, Applications.

Data usage gone wild

There are few things in life more frustrating than getting your mobile bill only to discover your data usage has shot through the roof. This often means paying huge overage payments and it's no fun. Assuming you don't have other family members using up all your data watching YouTube videos while away from home, this can be caused by a rogue app.

To discover which app is eating through your data allowance each month, head over to Settings and then Data usage. From there you'll usually have two options – Wifi and Mobile. You're going to want to take a look at the top apps showing up under Mobile. For most people, it's stuff that we can control like YouTube or Chrome. But if it's something like Facebook and you know you don't spend much time on your mobile Internet looking at the app, it might be time to take some drastic steps.

Start by clicking into the app itself. Then look for the option called "Restrict Background Data." Check this option. Depending on the app, you may end up missing out on certain alerts. But at least you know that app isn't eating through your mobile data when you're not connected to your home Wifi.

Now if the problem stems from a lack of self-control, don't worry, there's a fix for this as well. Go back to Settings, then Data Usage. From here, you can choose to either be alerted about your usage or to limit your mobile data usage entirely. Once you've checked the appropriate box, use the line graph indicator to set the threshold you're looking for. If for some reason your Android phone lacks these features, try your mobile carrier's website dashboard. Often there are data throttling controls there for each phone on the account.

Your favorite Android troubleshooting tips

Now that I've listed my top tips, let's hear about yours! Perhaps you have an app that enables you to drill down on an Android related issue? Maybe you've found that by rooting your Android device, you're able to free up additional space that wouldn't have been possible otherwise?

Whatever your tip happens to be, hit the comments below and share them with us. Inquiring minds would like to know.

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