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Forget the Facebook phone. Facebook needs a watch. So does Google and Twitter.
Posted October 3, 2012

Mike Elgan

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Facebook should add a second row to include notifications to your Facebook Watch.

It could display the most recent message with a tap, and enable you to swipe back and forward to see messages. Double-tapping might toggle a mode in which incoming messages are displayed without touching.

The Google+ Watch

Google is in the news this week for patenting an augmented reality wristwatch idea -- a kind of wristwatch version of Google’s Project Glass.

That idea is years away from being manufacturable. However, Google could make a Google+ wristwatch much sooner, and iteratively evolve it into their magic, patented super-watch.

The Google+ wristwatch would work much like Facebook’s -- based on notifications. It could notify you of Hangout invitations (in five years a more advanced version might let you do the hangout right on the watch like Dick Tracy), plus-mentions, and the incoming content by the circles of your choice.

The Google+ Watch could also notify you of Gmail messages and, better yet, incoming Google Alerts.

The Twitter Watch

The Twitter Watch would be by far the easiest and cheapest to implement because Twitter was designed from the beginning for shortness and mobility.

The Twitter Watch could work like the Trickle app currently available for iOS. A double-tap might toggle on and off the display mode. When on, recent tweets would display for about five seconds, then slide away to reveal the next tweet.

It could function a bit like Osfoora. By taping once on a tweet that links to a story or post, you could be given the options to save it to email, Instapaper or to retweet it.

Why the Social Smart Watch’s Time Has Come

Many revolutionary ideas come about when two mundane things are combined. The wristwatch itself was a simple combination of the pocket watch and a bracelet. The Twitter idea came about as a mash-up of blogging and texting.

The smartphone emerged conceptually as a combination of cellular phone and electronic pocket organizer.

If you ask people if they want a social networking smart watch, as I have done, they will say no.

People also told me years ago they didn’t want social networking, touch tablets or music in their smartphones when these ideas were newish.

The truth is that most people don’t want anything different when you’re merely describing something new. People won’t get it until they try it.

I think the social smart watch idea is one of those things. Once people see elegant watches constantly displaying social updates, millions of people are going to want them.

And there’s a simple reason for that. People obsessively check social networks all day, every day. By putting that information on the wrist, it becomes easier, faster and more convenient.

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