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Which of the various Android personal assistants is your best choice for ease of use and helpfulness?


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  • Get directions to (insert business here.) Now we're cooking! When I asked for directions to my usual business of choice, it gave me the option of using Google Maps or Waze! I love Waze, and obviously chose it. It them provided me with a list of options (correct one at the top) inside of Waze.
  • Send a text message to (insert person here.) Again, success was found here. It was provided with a list of potential matches. This time however, I was asked to click on the correct choice. Even though this might be doable with the other apps, Indigo got it right by forcing my hand for the sake of accuracy.
  • Make a reminder for a set day and time. Perfection was had yet again. Like Robin, my Calendar was used, which is my preference. But even better was that it allowed me to explain my appointment any way I wished. Place, date, and time was doable. Mentioning the same in reverse was also successful. The app didn't provide me with any way of setting up an alarm for a set time before the reminder was due, but worked well otherwise.

Thus far this is on par with Google Now with one notable exception – I can use Waze as my navigation option. I suspect Google allows me to do the same within the settings somewhere, but being prompted was a breath of fresh air.

And the best Android personal assistant is?

Determining the best application in this Android Personal Assistant showdown wasn't as difficult as I thought it'd be. Once I setup my basic expectations for each application, the rest fell right into place. Obviously Google Now is the primary winner. Often it's already installed and it can do just about anything you can imagine. My second choice has to be the Indigo Virtual Assistant. Tightly integrated with Google Now, it felt good and I really was happy to see that Waze was supported.

So which virtual assistant app do you prefer? If you're an iPhone user who has used Android assistants recently, I'd love to hear your perspective. I also hope to hear from existing Android users as to which virtual assistants they prefer. And if you don't like using them at all, feel free to share your reasons why.

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