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These Internet of Things devices are revolutionizing home automation, health care, manufacturing, retail, heavy industries and more.
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26. Singlecue

This devices allows you to control your other connected devices using gestures. Just raise a finger to control your lights, TV and much more.

27. Sonos

Designed for music lovers, Sonos is a smart speaker system that you can install in a single room or throughout your house. Use the free smartphone app to control the music playing on the speakers—you can even play different music in each room .

28. Whirlpool Smart Appliances

For now, Whirlpool's only smart appliances are washers and dryers, but its website seems to suggest that it has plans to offer more appliances that can connect to smartphones and tablets. Interestingly, the washer and dryer can also connect to the Nest thermostat to help consumers save money on their energy bills.

29. Wink

Wink is a smarthome hub that connects together a lot of other IoT products from companies like GE, Nest, Philips and Schlage. Control your lighting, thermostat, door locks, appliances, blinds and more from a single console.

Industrial IoT Devices

30. Awarepoint

With Awarepoint's low-energy Bluetooth beacons, companies can track the locations of employees, assets, customers, patients and more in real time. The service is focused primarily on the healthcare, retail and manufacturing industries.

31. Aptomar

Safety is always a concern in the oil and gas industry. Aptomar makes IoT sensors and systems for detecting spills and increasing safety. The company also offers services for monitoring oil and gas facilities.

32. ATrack trackers

Focused on the transportation and logistics industries, ATrack offers GPS tracking for monitoring assets and vehicles. It supplies its technology to a variety of other manufacturers and tracking services.

33. Bosch

Bosch has set its sights on becoming a leader in the IoT space. It manufactures sensors that go into other IoT devices as well as some smart home appliances. It also offers a complete cloud platform for building IoT applications.

34. CargoSense

The CargoSense solution includes sensors that can be included with product shipments to track temperature, humidity, shock, light, tilt and pressure every five minute. That data is tracked by an integrated analytics system that allows manufacturers and logistics companies to see what is happening with shipments at every point in the delivery process.

35. DorsaVi ViSafe

These wearable sensors track how employees are moving. The goal is to improve safety and reduce risk by helping prevent injuries. The company also offers similar technology that can be used by health care providers to help assess injuries and recommend therapies.

36. Filament

Filament makes industrial sensors with long-range wireless capabilities. It offers two products—the Tap and the Patch—that can be used to monitor environments and transmit data back to the network.

37. GridConnect

This company sells a host of sensors, probes, modules, adaptors, convertors and networking tools that companies can use to connect their factories, warehouses and other facilities to the Internet of Things. The company also makes a line of home automation devices under the ConnectSense brand name.

38. Impinj

Impinj claims to offer "the most comprehensive and widely adopted RAIN RFID platform." It offers tag chips, gateways, readers, antennas and software for retailers, health care and other markets.

39. Meshify NOW

Designed for industrial settings, Meshify NOW is a starter kit that bundles together IoT gateways and analytics software. The gateways can collect data from a host of different types of IoT sensors and then transmit it for analysis.

40. Rethink Robotics

Rethink doesn't just make robots—they make smart, collaborative robots that can work together and learn, accomplishing precise tasks in manufacturing and testing facilities. You can either purchase one of their prebuilt robots with names like Sawyer and Baxter, or you can work with the company to build a custom bot for your purposes.

41. RoboCV

You can think of RoboCV as a robot forklift. Designed for warehouse, it can move pallets and boxes from place to place without human intervention. Users can control and monitor the vehicle from a centralized panel, and they can also integrate it with external IT systems if they choose.

42. Samsara Sensors

This startup makes industrial IoT sensors for fleet telematics, energy monitoring, cold chain monitoring, asset monitoring and other purposes. The sensors transmit data to its cloud-hosted software where it can be monitored and analyzed.

43. Tachyus Sensors

Tachyus makes IoT solutions for the oil and gas industry. Their products allow producers to measure what is happening with their oil and gas extraction processes and then analyze and optimize those processes to maximize output.

44. Wzzard Wireless Sensors

Made by a company called Advantech B+B SmartWorx, this line of industrial sensors can track liquid or air temperature, current, liquid flow, vibration and levels for various types of equipment and tanks. The platform also includes a gateway for collecting and transmitting the data from the sensor network.

45. Xerafy

This company makes RFID tags and other technology for asset tracking in a wide variety of industries. Their tiny tags are small enough to be attached to medical supplies and surgical tools, and they are rugged enough for environments like oil and gas exploration.

Health Care/Fitness IoT Devices

46. AdhereTech

AdhereTech makes smart, wireless pill bottles that help insure that patients are taking their medication. They are currently being used for research studies, but their use will likely expand to the general population.

47. Biotricity Bioflux

Available by prescription, Bioflux is a ECG monitoring device that allows physicians to keep track of their cardiac patients 24 hours a day. The full solution includes the device, analytics software and a monitoring service that can contact patients and health care providers when patients are in distress.

48. Breathometer Mint

Breathe into the Mint device, and it will tell you how effectively you are brushing your teeth. (Yes, essentially, this is an IoT device that tells you if you have bad breath). It gives you a grade and tracks your progress towards better oral hygiene.

49. FitBit

FitBit leads the market for wearable fitness and health trackers. Devices are available in a wide variety of styles and colors, and they can help consumers track progress towards a wide variety of fitness goals.

50. Garmin Forerunner

This line of fitness trackers is focused on people who consider themselves to be athletes. It tracks your heart rate, pace and times, and it includes tools for a wide variety of sports.

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