50 Top Android Travel Apps

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Virtual meetings have replaced much of the need for business travel these days, but not all of it. People still pack their bags and hit the road in the name of the job. That’s one of the reasons mobile devices are so popular.

It’s common to have some downtime while on business travel too. Road warriors often want to know what attractions are nearby for a quick visit, or that they may want to see with friends and family on a future trip. It used to be that options for such were limited to the ads printed in the hotel magazines or brochures stacked in a lobby rack. That is say, your choice of attractions was limited to the companies that bought an ad that month or scored a niche on a side wall. Pretty much the same could be said of ads on websites.

But thanks to the marvel of mobile apps, business and pleasure travelers alike can easily find attractions—even those off the beaten path. They can also buy and change plane and train tickets and score the best rates at hotels. Here are 50 Android apps that can help you make the most of your next business trip or vacation.

1. Kayak.


With Kayak, you can compare multiple flights, hotels and rental car cites so you can find the cheapest deals and you can book them from the app too. Plus, the app will enable you to easily manage your itinerary and find related info. FREE.

2. Lonely Planet.

Want comprehensive city and country guides with lots of useful details including little known local secrets, the best way to get around, and an online/offline translator that will help you get around even if you can’t read the street signs? Then this is the app for you. Download the version that matches the city at home or abroad that you intend to visit, and everything you need to know is at your fingertips. Most city apps are .99 but some range up to $4.99.

2. Street View on Google Maps.

If you’re an Android fan, you probably already know of Google Maps. But did you know that the street view app is very handy in locating your meeting or attraction in places where you don’t speak the language and can’t read the street signs? One glance at this app, and you’ll recognize the place instantly! FREE.

3. Öffi - Public Transport Buddy.

Trying to get around Europe using public transportation? This app is a big help. It shows departure times, nearby stations, interactive network plans, and door-to-door directions for your trip. Be careful though, it works better for large cities than smaller ones and occasionally shows old connections that haven’t been updated. FREE

4. Yelp.


Customer reviews of establishments can steer you clear of disappointments and guide you to better places. But this app can do more than serve up reviews. You can make reservations, see what’s open now, find great deals, and even use augmented reality (via Monocle) to see information virtually imposed on the real world. FREE

5. Poynt.

A great travel companion, Poynt tells you most of what you’ll need to know from weather forecasts to “what’s nearby,” plus it enables you to make restaurant reservations, buy movie tickets, and get instant deals. And you can even locate people in your contact list to see who is close by that you might want to meet up with. FREE

6. TeleNav GPS Navigator.

This route planner offers three choices, so you can choose the shortest, least traffic congested, or most scenic way to get there. Features include live traffic reports and voice-activated commands. It also provides user-generated ratings and reviews of destinations. FREE

7. EMNet findER.

This app locates the closest hospital emergency room in the U.S. This information is useful to any traveler but especially to anyone with chronic medical conditions or traveling with someone with health problems. FREE

8. AR First Aid -Emergency & Home.

This offline emergency tool can save lives wherever an accident or attack occurs. Hiking or camping somewhere without a phone signal? Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to use this app to learn what to do in case of an accident, animal attack, heart attack, or illness onset. FREE

9. GasBuddy - Find Cheap Gas.

This app shows you the cheapest gas nearest you. You also could win a $250 prize simply for adding the gas prices you find on your trip to help other app users, and you score redeemable points too. FREE

10. FlightTrack.

This is an international flight tracking app that provides zoomable maps, real-time departure info, delays, gate numbers, cancellations and more. $4.99

11. Urbanspoon.

Can’t decide where to eat? Shake your phone and this app will make suggestions nearby to your current location. It includes restaurants and eateries in the U.S., Canada, and major cities in the U.K. and Australia. FREE

12. Daum Maps.

Headed to Korea? This app will tell you everything you need to know from public transportation stops, car routes and walking routes to restaurants, attractions and store floor plans. FREE

13. m-Indicator.

Headed to Mumbai? This app will give you the local train timetable, bus routes, auto and taxi information, scenic stops, movie schedules, Sodexo outlets, and other useful information. FREE

14. XE Currency.

This app converts currency worldwide. Use it to calculate how much that trinket or ticket costs you in your own currency and how much that translates to in the currency you are using abroad. FREE

15. OpenTable.

Make instant and guaranteed reservations at over 27,000 registered restaurants in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Users wanting to dine in the UK must use the mobile website to make reservations. FREE

16. Booking.com.


Get help finding deals and book reservations at any of over 275,000 hotels, hostels, B&Bs, lodges, chalets, apartments, desert camps and castles in 180 countries. You can tailor your accommodations and reach 24/7 support if you have any troubles once you arrive. FREE

17. NYC Bus & Subway Maps.

This app offers offline access to complete bus and subway information on all five boroughs of New York City. When you first download the app, you’ll need to click to download the maps too, otherwise the app appears to have none. FREE

18. TripIt Travel Organizer.

Organize all your trip information in one place so you don’t have to search your email and bookmarks to find your flight tickets, hotel reservations, or any other trip info you need. You can also make notes on your trip for when you travel that way again. FREE

19. WiFi Finder.

This app finds both free and paid WiFi Internet connections, even if the app is offline. It will even give you directions to WiFi hotspots and give you details about the connection. It works on both phones and tablets. FREE

20. WorldMate.

With WorldMate, you can search and book hotel, rental cars, and limousine services. It offers a number of travel services, including an organized itinerary, calendar synchronization, flight alerts, deal alerts, currency conversion, directions and weather forecasts. FREE

21. AANRMobile.

Are you a nudist in search of nude recreation? This app by the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) finds quality nudist clubs and resorts that are family-oriented throughout the U.S. The AANR was established in 1931, and the app lists only its affiliated clubs and resorts. FREE

22. BackCountry Navigator PRO GPS.

This is an off-road topo mapping tool designed to work offline and beyond cell coverage. It uses publicly available map sources to create topo maps with GPS service (without cell service) for hiking trails, horse trails, camping trips, hunting trips, river rafting, snowmobiling, and other outdoor excursions. Download the area you want to explore and off you go. And, yes, there is a demo version so you can view the maps for the country you are interested in before you buy. $9.99

23. Locus Map Pro.

This too is a GPS-based outdoor navigation app. It features intelligent GPS to increase battery life, sophisticated geocaching, voice navigation, and both online and offline use. Ideal for outdoor activities of all types. $8.25

24. Foodspotting.


This app is for serious foodies who are simply not interested in fast food or poor dining accommodations. It tracks actual food dishes, rather than restaurants, and then tells you which establishments serve it. You can also bookmark dishes to try later. FREE

25. 9292.

This personal public transport planner offers advice for anyone traveling in the Netherlands. Be aware that this app, like others of its kind, can be slow to update schedule changes, so the occasional missed bus is likely. FREE

26. TripView Sydney.

View real-time data for trains, buses and ferries in Sydney along with other handy info such as time and distance between stops and a multi-modal trip editor. $3.14

27. Hotel Tonight.

Find hotel rooms at a bargain in twelve countries and over 80 destinations. Last-minute trip or trip changes? No problem, this app can help you find and accommodations quick, even if it’s the middle of the night. This app is rated highly by several leading news publications. FREE

28. Marine&Lakes: USA.

This app helps boaters find their way on the water with route planning and tracking, plus it offers wind forecasts and tide and currents data along with other important info, including helpful articles from leading Marine publications. It’s for phones only though, so forget using it on a tablet. Also, it’s a good basic marine app but if you’re expecting advanced features and functionality, this app may not be for you. $10.36

29. Travelzoo.

Available in nine country editions, Travelzoo offers deals on travel, entertainment and other local services in each region. You can buy the deals directly in the app too. FREE

30. myTaxi – Passenger Taxi App.

Summon a cab to you with a single click. The app will tell you when to expect the taxi to arrive and gives you a picture and profile of the driver, along with his or her rating, name, and phone number. It also features a fare calculator, a fully integrated payment solution, and the ability to select five-star taxis or favorite drivers and taxi companies. The app works in Berlin, Bonn, Luebeck, Dresden, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Hannover, Frankfurt, Cologne, Leipzig, Munich, Mainz, Potsdam, Stuttgart, Sylt, Vienna, Graz, Zurich, Warsaw, Barcelona, Sydney and Washington, D.C. FREE

31. London Tube Status.

The name says it all. The app delivers live info on London Underground Services (subway). You get tube status and real-time departure info. FREE

32. AAA Roadside.

AAA Roadside Assistance

This app speeds and simplifies requests for roadside assistance from AAA. Simply select the type of breakdown, and AAA uses your phone location to see where you are and summon a local roadside car repair technician to your aid. The app can also direct you to AAA-approved auto repair shops, AAA offices and a variety of discount providers. FREE

33. Zomato.

This restaurant finder shows you menus, reviews, ratings, pictures, and maps to some 90,000 restaurants in India, the U.K., UAE, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Qatar. FREE

34. DC Metro Transit.

Locate the nearest train stations and WMATA bus stops in D.C. using the GPS on your phone or tablet. It offers street views and interactive maps, plus real-time info on DC Metrorail, Metro Bus, Circulator, PG County-The Bus, Fairfax CUE and the UMD Shuttle. FREE

35. WSDOT.

This app provides Seattle traffic info and travel info for the state of Washington. It packs in a considerable amount of information including travel alerts, mountain pass reports, ferry schedules and Canadian border wait times. FREE

36. Best Parking.

This is a real-time parking search engine app that locates the cheapest and most convenient parking garages and lots in 70 cities and 115 airports in North America. The app also tells you hours of operation, facility phone numbers, payment methods accepted, whether it is self-park or valet, and other info. FREE

37. myBantu Personal Assistant.

This app is like having a concierge in your pocket. You don’t type in keywords, you type what you want, such as “four tickets to the hottest new movie” or “the closest really good Italian restaurant,” and this smart digital assistant will answer and arrange things for you. Yes, it is a Siri alternative for Android. FREE

38. My Disney Experience.

This official Disney app has everything you need to make the most of your Disney park visits. It includes maps, attraction wait times, show schedules, menu viewing, dining reservations, character appearance schedules, restroom locator and more. FREE

39. TomTom Europe.

Planning on driving in Europe to see the magnificent countryside—or just trying to get to that big conference? This is the app for you. It works offline too, which can save you a ton in cell roaming costs. And yes, it's made by TomTom, the maker of TomTom car navigation units. $56.99

40. PolyClock World Clock.

Working or traveling in multiple time zones? This app will help you keep the time straight. It’s also helpful in scheduling virtual meetings or conference calls with people in different time zones. $2.99

41. Amtrak.

Plan and book travel on Amtrak’s system of trains and buses in the U.S. You can also deploy your eTicket from the app, modify or upgrade your seat, and track train arrival and departure times. FREE

42. Zagat.


This app shows you the world’s top dining destinations, and yes, you can reserve a table from the app. Write your own reviews well because they may appear in the next printed Zagat guidebook. Zagat is now a part of Google, so you’ll need a Google+ membership to use this app. FREE

44. Thrillist for Android.

Thrillist provides city guides developed by professional curators. The sites listed are all top-notch and come with photos, videos and professional editorials about the place. FREE

45. Backpacker GPS Trails Pro.

This app provides GPS and digital compass navigation for hikers and backpackers. You can also record photos and notes of your trip, mark campsites and waypoints, geotag all of those things and share highlights with friends and family on Twitter and Facebook. $4.99

46. Eat24 Food Delivery & Takeout.

Too tired to go out to eat or arrived too late to make dinner reservations? Maybe you just want something different you can pick up as takeout on the way home. This app is for you. You can order takeout or delivery from 20,000 restaurants in more than 950 cities and pay for the food with a simple click too. FREE

47. Guidebook.

Download guides to popular trade shows, expos, conferences, and conventions. You can see all the event schedules and find exhibitors on even the largest show floors. You can even create your own event schedule and alerts, so you’re sure not to miss a thing. An in-app Twitter feed will keep you abreast of event chatter too. FREE

48. TVFoodMaps - Restaurants on TV.

Want to try that dish you saw on TV on shows like Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and Man v. Food? This app will guide you to that precise dish at the exact restaurant featured on over 30 TV shows. FREE

49. Camp and RV - Campgrounds Plus.

Find the perfect camping and RV site with this app. Filters allow you to specify what you mean by “perfect” so the search results deliver only sites that measure up to your expectations. $9.99

50. Word Lens Translator.

World Lens

Need to know what that menu or sign says? Take a picture and then you’ll know. It’s not a perfect translator, as no machine ever is. You will understand enough to do what you have to do though! $4.99

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