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iPad apps that turn the iPad into a research library at your fingertips.


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Posted October 19, 2011

Troy Dreier

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37) World Atlas HD ($1.99): What sets this atlas apart? World maps from National Geographic. It also includes facts about each country.

38) The World by National Geographic ($3.99): More fun than a regular atlas, this app offers a spinning virtual globe and fun facts.

39) World Map for iPad Free (free): This free atlas includes political divisions, world time zones, and easy map switching.


40) 100 History Changers ($.99): Hours of reading fun for those who enjoy studying the great statesmen and inventors.

41) 23,000 Great Quotes ($.99): An ideal toastmaster's companion, this app has quotes on every subject and a tool for saving your favorites.

42) A History of Words (free): Word-lovers will adore this visual tool for studying the frequency of words in print.

43) Animated Knots in 3D ($.99): Finally, a knot guide we can all follow. If 2D diagrams get you confused, you'll love this animated 3D approach.

44) Constitution for iPad (free): Settle any legal debate in seconds by having this central document at hand.

45) How to Tie a Tie (free): Why stick with your usual four-in-hand knot? This app teaches 12 classic knots and offers style tips, as well.

46) iPad Tips for Dummies ($.99): Sure, the iPad is simple, but you still might have some questions. For a mere buck this ebook will have you using it to its full potential.

47) Human Body Facts 1000 (free): There's no machine as captivating and complicated as the human body. Download this to enjoy a thousand eyebrow-raising facts.

48) MyCongress (free): Updated for the current congressional roster, this app lets you track your officials with news, videos, and Twitter feeds.

49) Your Rights (free): Don't feel like a helpless citizen, download this guide to your rights. It includes crucial legal info for a variety of topics.

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