10 Things Apple Products Say About Today's Tech Users

Once a niche product, Apple has emerged as the powerhouse of personal computing. What does this say about today's computer users?
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Apple products are wildly popular in today’s consumer space. From the iPad to the iPhone to the aging iPod, people are becoming increasingly likely to opt for one of Apple’s products rather than an alternative from another company.

Even Macs, once largely ignored by all but a niche group of Apple fans, are finding their way into homes of so-called “mainstream” users that have historically purchased Windows boxes.

But perhaps there’s more to it than simply saying that Apple products are popular. The sheer popularity of Apple’s devices seems to indicate something about today’s tech users and the consumer market at large. Things have changed in a dramatic way, and the old rules that governed success or failure in the technology space no longer apply.

It’s an Apple world now. And its products’ success says something awfully interesting about today’s consumers and enterprise customers.

Flip through the following slides to find out what Apple’s products say about today’s tech users:


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1. Design Really Matters

One of the key elements of Apple’s success over the years has been product design. The company’s devices simply look nicer than the vast majority of competitors on store shelves, and consumers are responding well to that. To today’s consumers, design really matters.

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