Meeting Your Mobile Challenges

Today's workforce is highly mobile and increasingly uses employee-owned devices to conduct business. As such, organizations need a way to manage these devices and provide users with secure access to company applications and data. Download these resources to help your organization better manage its mobility efforts.
How to Manage Mobile Devices
This Executive Solution Technology Guide offers expert and peer advice on how to best manage your fleet of mobile devices, looks at some of the technology solutions that are available to help keep the data that resides on them secure and concludes with a helpful checklist for mobile device management. Download it to learn more.


How to Choose the Right Mobile Form Factor
IT leaders understand that selecting the right form factor for their mobile strategy is essential, and many are re-examining their mobile computing environments and approved devices to determine whether they produce optimal results. Download this guide to get help whether you're starting a mobile strategy from scratch or already have a strategy in place.

Understanding Mobile Security Concerns
Download this report for a look at survey results that shed light on the shifting mobile device landscape, and on the challenges they face. Those challenges include the migration of 'personal' device platforms into corporate settings, the popularity of multiple mobile operating systems, and the need to balance data and network access with data and network security.

Is Your Infrastructure Mobile Ready?
New mobile devices, high-speed networks and proliferating mobile applications open a range of business opportunities and benefits for adept companies. Yet to fully exploit the technology's potential requires IT managers to first create a mobility master plan, and to ensure that they have the infrastructure to support both current and future demands of their mobile workforce.