Video: Mobile and Digital Transformation in the Enterprise
A leading mobile analyst talks about the need for a mobile strategy that integrates cloud, Big Data and security.

Streamed live on this page, Friday, Dec. 18 at 1:30 PM PST.

As mobile continues to reshape business at many levels, one key truth is becoming abundantly clear: an effective mobile strategy cannot exist in isolation. The age of the mobile silo is over – businesses now must integrate their mobile strategy with their cloud, Big Data, security and other strategic initiatives. Today’s enterprise mobility is about converging trends; mobile thrives in a larger ecosystem. The challenge is how to integrate these diverse strategies – far easier said than done. To discuss the many challenges and converging trends in enterprise mobile, we’ll talk with a leading voice in mobile today, Maribel Lopez, principal and founder of Lopez Research.

Maribel Lopez, founder and principal, Lopez Research

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