SDDC: Challenges and Issues

Four industry experts discuss the Software Defined Data Center in an effort to separate the hype from the reality.

The trend toward the Software Defined Data Center is at one level merely a natural evolution – SDDC, after all, could be seen as an extension of virtualization, a well-established technology. At a deeper level, however, SDDC is a truly disruptive technology, perhaps even revolutionary. Issues like management, costs and personnel could be greatly impacted. Four leading experts on SDDC will discuss the challenges and issues concerning this emerging technology, with an eye toward providing tips for businesses considering adopting SDDC in full or in part.

Dana Gardner, analyst, founder at Interarbor Solutions

Greg Schulz, analyst, StorageIO

Rich Kucharski, VP, solution architecture, Simplivity

Alessandro Barbieri, product manager, Pluribus Networks

Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

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